A Buying Guide for CD Lens Cleaners

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A Buying Guide for CD Lens Cleaners

A CD lens cleaner is a must have item for any serious audiophile. As its name states, a CD lens cleaner is exactly that: a cleaning system for the lens of the laser pick up of the CD player, CD-ROM, or DVD player, and they can even be used with an Xbox or PlayStation. The dust that floats around the room and the dust that may be on the CD all end up in the player. This dirties the lens of the laser pick up of the player. In the long run this dirt can seriously affect the capability of the player to read discs. A player may still be able to play discs because players have an error connection circuit that allows them to keep playing a CD by interpolating the pieces of the missing digital information. What this means is the player can continue to play with a dirty lens, but the quality at which it plays will be substandard at best.

There is no difference between CD, DVD, or gaming console lens cleaners; however, make sure the one purchased states it is made for multiple disc formats, just to be safe. Moreover, like with any task, it helps to carry out some research before buying. Before a consumer purchases a CD lens cleaner, the first thing to do is make sure it is only the lens that needs cleaning. If so, then the consumer should compare and consider the different brands before deciding on a final purchase.

CD Lens Cleaner

A CD lens cleaner is a device specifically designed to clean the laser lens in a player. Dust and other particles easily damage these lenses by scratching or obscuring the surface. Using a cloth or a tissue to clean the lens only does further damage. This is where a CD lens cleaner comes in. It is a CD with a brush or brushes attached to the bottom. This disc is inserted into the player so that as it spins the brushes remove any dirt or dust particles. A CD lens cleaner is commonly a product that is used dry, but some brands provide a wet and dry product. With the wet product, ensure that the liquid is applied only to the brushes on the underside of the disc.

What to Consider when Purchasing CD Lens Cleaners

A CD lens cleaner is designed to keep a CD lens clean. If used frequently, a CD lens cleaner aids in the maintenance of the equipment, effectively lengthening the life of the machine and the CDs that are played in it. A CD lens cleaner is also effective as a 1 off fix if CDs are jumping, skipping, or freezing. Whatever purchase a consumer makes they must make sure the CD lens cleaner is compatible with their machine. For instance, if the consumer has a laptop or MacBook, it is especially important to use the proper CD lens cleaner. As they are devices with a slot loading optical drive, it is possible for the small brushes of the CD lens cleaner to become stuck inside the tight confines of the machine.

Does the CD Lens Require Cleaning?

To make sure it is not a problem with the disc, use a disc that has been proven to work well and insert it into the player. Most players should read the table of contents within 2 to 3 seconds. Press play on track 1. Does the player take a long time to play track 1? Does it skip? Do the same thing with the last track. If the player failed any of these tests, then the lens may require a cleaning.

Does a CD Lens Cleaner Work?

A CD lens cleaner works in most instances. If the player is exceptionally dirty, then the CD laser lens cleaner may not work as effectively. If the unit is a multi-disc unit or a 3 in 1 unit, then using the CD lens cleaner is the best option as these units prove difficult when accessing the interior sections.

CD Lens Cleaner Life Expectancy

A CD lens cleaner on average is good for about 50 uses. If the task is conducted once a month, then the expected life expectancy of a CD lens cleaner is approximately four years.


With the life expectancy of a CD lens cleaner being approximately 4 years, this is standard across all the brands consumers do not need a huge budget to be able to use this product. If a consumer is on a tight budget then a CD lens cleaner is a great option to get their CD player back in working condition. Most CD lens cleaners are similarly priced just remember that expensive does not always mean better.

CD Lens Cleaner Brands

The main CD lens cleaners brands available are Tesco, Philips, Sony, Hama, Maxell, Crest Universal, and Allsop. All CD Lens Cleaners essentially work the same. The major difference between brands is the stiffness of the brushes.


The Tesco brand of CD Lens cleaner uses a 6-brush cleaning system to prevent CDs from mistracking and skipping. The Tesco brand also comes with a microfibre cloth for the safe cleaning of any CD.


The Philips CD lens cleaning disc uses a safe, dry brush cleaning system. The dry brush cleaning system is designed to safely remove any dust, debris, or any other contaminants from the CD player lens. The Philips CD lens cleaner also comes with voice instructions in 14 different languages.


The Sony lens cleaner is suitable for any product that can play a CD. This product features an ultra-fine fibre brush for removing impurities, and it is specially treated to prevent static electricity. This product is good for 50 uses. It comes with an audio operation guide as well as pre-recorded music software.


The Hama brand is specifically designed for wet and dry cleaning of the laser lens. The cleaner comes in the form of a disc and operates by being directly placed into the player. Cleaning fluid and a replacement cleaning pad to aid in the cleaning process are provided along with the cleaning disc.


Using the Thunderon Brush System, the Maxell CD lens cleaner is not compatible for notebook and laptop computers. The specially designed brush system is made from ultra-fine synthetic fibres that surround a fine piece of copper. Due to its design, it can dissipate any static electricity. It also has an on-screen interactive program in 8 languages.

Crest Universal

The Crest Universal brand of CD lens cleaners utilises ultra-soft micro-bristle technology. It is compatible with CD players, DVD Players, gaming consoles, and Blu-Ray players.


When used on a monthly basis, the Allsop CD lens cleaning disc keeps your CD player in perfect working condition. The Allsop brand is an extremely affordable product, and it is available from any general store. , This kind of lens cleaner does not work on certain VRDS CD transports.

How to Use CD Lens Cleaner

Most CD lens cleaner brands come with their own instructions. However, if no instructions have been provided, the process is fairly straightforward. The first thing a consumer should do is insert the disc into the player. Close the tray and allow a few minutes for the disc to start up. Once the disc has started up, press "Play". This is usually when the brand’s instructions come on. If there are instructions, follow those directions. If not, allow the disc to spin for 1 to 2 minutes. If the disc does not automatically stop after 1 to 2 minutes, press "Stop" and eject the CD lens cleaner disc.

How to Buy CD Lens Cleaners on eBay

With so many results for CD lens cleaners on eBay, you are sure to find a product to suit your needs. To start shopping on eBay, conduct a keyword search. In this instance, your keywords would be CD lens cleaner.. eBay will display all available products with these keywords in the advertisement. From here it is a relatively easy process. Scroll through the results until you find the product you like.

Then, you should read the advertisement thoroughly and ask the seller any questions that may remain unanswered. To do this, you can get in touch with the seller. Once all the questions you have been answered, you can place a bid on the item. If you are successful in winning the item, the last step is to make a payment. Again this is an easy step, and all you need to do is follow the payment options and instructions that the seller provides in the advertisement.


Not only are CD lens cleaners a must have, but they are also effective tools. Nothing lasts forever without some minor maintenance, and the same applies to CD players. The dust and other small particles that are in the air make their way into players, which causes the laser used to read the CDs to become interrupted. Therefore, CD laser lens cleaners are needed to address the issue.

These relatively inexpensive items are great at restoring a CD player back to its original playing standards. While the majority of CD lens cleaners are made from the same materials, there are subtle differences to be aware of. Some are just a dry product, while others are a wet and dry product. The one a buyer chooses comes down to personal preference. Not all CD lens cleaners can be used with laptops, so buyers should be careful to choose one that can meet their needs. While a CD lens cleaner maintains a CD player and can restore a player back to its original capabilities, consumers need to be aware that if their CD player’s lens is too damaged, a CD laser lens cleaner may not work. As a result, a CD lens cleaner is a must have for all audiophiles.