A Guide To DPM Damp Proof Membrane And It's Uses.

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Damp Proof Membrane

QVS provide Damp Proof Membrane, often referred to as DPM, a form of  high puncture resistant black polythene suited for use in the building industry. Coming in black at a thickness of 1200g (300mu) it is an extremely durable Water and Water Vapour Resistant plastic.The DPM has been approved by the British Builders Association ( BBA), meaning that it is certified for use in building sites and within the structural  foundations of buildings. 

The function of Damp Proof Membrane is to prevent the transference of water and water vapour through the foundations into the home or building. The most typical use of DPM is either as an oversite membrane between the hardcore bed and base concrete or as a membrane in the base concrete itself. In most cases DPM will be installed by a trained professional.  When placed under flooring between the concrete base (screed) and subfloor it reduces moisture and protects floor boards, tiles and any other manner of hard flooring. It is important to test the moisture content of your subfloor, usually a trained professional will do this as a measure of course. DPM will help to prevent any further damp issues and help to resolve pre-existing damp problems. In older houses there may not be any DPM laid in the foundations, this leads to mold and poor indoor air quality. Retrofitting Damp Proof Membraneis an effective way to protect against damp, water and mold.   Damp Proof Membrane is also strong enough to be used horizontally in walls, often  in conjunction with DPC ( Damp Proof Course). DPM can also be used around the garden and home in ways such as covering furniture, temporary protective flooring, interim window replacements, use in DIY projects, wrapping and use in transit.

QVS  DPM comes in 3M x 4M and 4M x 5M sheets, please measure the area to be covered accurately. When using multiple sheets all joints should be overlapped by at least 150mm and fixed using specifically designed double sided tape. 
QVS also provide a large range of Black polythene and  Clear polythene ranging from 200g ( 50mu) to 500g ( 125mu) and 1000g ( 250mu). 

For any more information on  DPM and our other products please do call 01580 754484
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