A Guide To Weed Fabric Pegs

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Weed Fabric Pegs

Weed Fabric Pegs come in a variety of materials and sizes. Here is a guide to help you make the correct decision as to which weed fabric pegs to buy when it comes to different types of fabric and ground types.  Usually manufactured from either Plastic or  Steel there is a peg suited for all types of soil composition. The pegs can be used with both our QVS 100gsm Weed Control Fabric & QVS 50gsm Landscape Fabric along with QVS Crop Protection Fleece, Jute and a range of other fabrics. Using Anchor Pegs will increase the longevity of the the fabrics you are using, keeping it secure means that it can commit it's purpose in a better fashion.


An approximate guide to the amount required would be 1 peg for every square metre of weed control fabric laid. If buying 100 square metres of fabric at least 100 pegs will be needed. On soft soil the pegs may be pushed in by hand but if this is too strenuous then they may be hammered in. Pegs are also essential for overlaps in the fabric, a minimum of 20cm ovelap of weed control fabric is advised with a regular fixing of pegs to secure the fabric.

Plastic Anchor Pegs. 
These Plastc Pegs are made from recycled plastics. They are most effective when being used for soft to medium ground typical in most path and gardens as well as patios and driveways without a sub base. The pegs are 15cm long and have a domed top and a barbed tip. The barbed tip allows for a tight grip in the soil, reducing the risk of movement. The domed top provides a tight seal, fully covering the hole created by the insertion of the peg. 


Steel L-Pegs.
Steel L-Pegs   are, in most cases, used for medium to hard ground. The pegs are created from 3mm steel, they are 20cm long with a 5cm bar at the top. This bar grips the fabric effectively, decreasing the risk of damage. Steel can be inserted by hand or by hammer, allowing them to be suitable for a wider range of soil compositions. The Steel L-Pegs, as well as being used from weed control fabric, are also great for garden meshes, rubber matting around playgrounds and a wide range of other creative uses.


Steel Staple Pegs.
Steel Staple Pegs  are specifically designed for hard, firm and stony ground. The large staple type design allows it to be used in stony and chalky areas, and the central bar that lays on the fabric ensures a long lasting and tight grip. Forged from glavanised steel the peg is 4" wide and 6" long and the pegs are useful for proving greater reassurance. 


For further information on our anchor pegs and any other products we provide then please call us on 01580754484. 

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