A Guide to Buying LED Headlights

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A Guide to Buying LED Headlights

When shopping for headlights, a car owner may want to consider LED headlights. These lights do not burn like standard light bulbs. LED light bulbs are similar to standard filament bulbs, but they do not contain a filament. Instead, LED lights produce their light by using electricity that flows along a semiconductor. This movement creates electromagnetic radiation that creates visible light. It is important for a buyer to learn about the advantages that LED lights have over other types of headlights. This includes a much longer lifespan than standard bulbs. On the other hand, although they are an excellent choice, LED headlights do have a couple of disadvantages when compared to other headlight options. For instance, they produce a lot of heat and most brands are not as bright as other kinds of headlights.

Before making a purchase, a buyer also has to consider other factors, including what size bulb the car needs, the colour of the LED light, and whether LED lights are permissible in the buyer's region. Different styles and varieties of LED headlights can typically be found in automotive stores and in some discount stores. For the widest possible selection, buyers can choose to search online at marketplaces like eBay..

Advantages of LED Headlights

Buyers select LED headlights for a variety of reasons. Some of the advantages of LED headlights are that they last much longer than normal headlights, and they are energy efficient. Because LED headlights are rather new, it is somewhat difficult to determine the exact length of their lifespan, but the claims range from 10,000 to 100,000 days. Because of the way they work, LED lights are very energy efficient, and this is always a benefit.

Another advantage of LED headlights is that they have a very quick response time, which means a driver can turn the lights on and off very quickly, and this is a very useful safety feature. Even though LED lights are not as bright as other types of lights, the light they produce is very clean, and this means the driver may actually be able to see the road better, even though the light is not as bright.

Disadvantages of LED Headlights

Although LED headlights have a number of advantages, they also have some disadvantages. It bothers some users that some LED headlights are not as bright as standard incandescent bulbs. Some LED bulbs are quite bright, however, so if this is a concern the buyer can search for those models that shine brightly, although they tend to be more expensive than the dimmer models. Another problem that LED headlight manufacturers are dealing with is heat. LED lights tend to produce a lot of heat. The heat is at the back of the light, so LEDs still seem cool to the touch. Manufacturers are looking for ways to dissipate the heat to prevent it from shorting out the lights.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing LED Headlights

When shopping for LED headlights, a buyer needs to take some factors into consideration. LED headlights actually come in a number of different colours, although they may not all be suitable for a car's headlights. A buyer should also look for the right size headlights for his or her vehicle. Safety is also a concern when shopping for LED headlights, so the buyer should focus on lights from manufacturers with high quality standards. One also needs to make sure that LED headlights are permitted in the buyer's region.

LED Headlight Colours

LED lights come in a variety of different colours, and this can make for very interesting headlights. The different coloured LED lights are usually made of different materials.



Bright Blue

Gallium arsenide


Yttrium aluminium garnet

Red and Infrared

Gallium nitride

Choosing LED lights in interesting colours may not be allowed everywhere, so buyers should check to see if they are allowed in a specific region before purchasing. A buyer can also choose from cool and warm white LED lights. The difference is not only in the colour, but also the temperature. Cool white LED lights resemble fluorescent lights and run 5,000 Kelvin to 8,000 Kelvin. Warm white LED lights range from 2,500 Kelvin to 4,000 Kelvin. 

LED Headlight Size

Not all LED headlights are the same size, and not all cars take the same size headlights, so the buyer should check on what size headlights his or her car takes. Returning headlights because they do not fit properly is an unnecessary hassle that can be avoided by determining the size beforehand.

LED Headlight Styles

LED headlights come in a variety of different styles that give drivers a chance to add some character to their cars. Some car manufacturers are putting LED headlights into luxury models because they have a clean looking beam and a pleasing look. A buyer can also purchase LED lights for the interior and rear lighting. These headlights also come in a variety of different lens colours and finishes, so it should be easy for a buyer to find the look he or she wants. 

LED Headlight Types

A lot of different kinds of LED car lights are available on the market. Some of the headlight options buyers may want to consider are day running lights and bright headlights. A buyer may also want to look for headlights that have a number of different brightness options. 

LED Headlight Safety

A buyer should realise that LED headlights are not legal in all areas, so it is important to check on the laws in a region before purchasing any headlights. Because this is newer technology, a buyer should also make sure that he or she is purchasing LED headlights from a manufacturer that follows all the industry regulations for headlights.

Installing LED Headlights

If one decides to install LED headlights, he or she should first read the car's owner manual. This helps the owner learn about the electronic circuitry of his or her car. The instructions that came with the LED lights should also be thoroughly read. Not every kind of LED headlight kit fits into every car, so it is important to purchase the right type. The owner has to decide if he or she wants a separate control panel for the LED lights or if he or she wants to align it with the car's headlights.

It should be easy enough to install one at an access plate. The negative cable has to be disconnected from the car's battery, and then holes may have to be drilled to mount the brackets for the LED lights. The assembly is then screwed into the holes. After that, one just has to connect the lights to give them power to make them work. The wires of the control panel have to be connected to the battery for this to happen.

One thing to keep in mind is that some LED lights may cause the dash to indicate that the bulbs are burned out because they use so little power. The owner can fix this by installing load resistors across the bulbs that are considered bad. If a car owner does not feel comfortable installing LED headlights, then he or she should get a mechanic or someone else who is experienced to install the headlights. 

Finding LED Headlights on eBay

If you are looking to find LED headlights for your vehicle on eBay, you should try the site's search feature. Start with a keyword search, which is quick and convenient. All it takes is typing keywords related to the product, such as 'Ford LED headlights&', into the search box. You may find that the number of results is huge, and you want to narrow the list of possibilities. If that is the case, click on some of the filters or categories to narrow your options.

You should also contact the seller if you have any questions about an item that you want to purchase. There is a link on the product listing page that allows the buyer to contact the seller directly. The feedback tool is another tool you can use if you are wondering about making a purchase. This lets buyers rate a seller after they have completed a transaction. You should look at a seller's feedback before making a purchase and remember to consider the amount of feedback as well as what the buyers actually said.


LED headlights are becoming a popular option with car owners who need to replace their headlights. This newer technology may be a good choice for many buyers because the lights are energy efficient and last much longer than standard headlight bulbs. Buyers do need to weigh both the pros and cons when it comes to choosing headlights. Besides the longer lifespan and better energy efficiency, LED headlights do not usually shine as brightly, although the light is very clear and could enable drivers to see even better as a result.

Before making any purchase, a buyer should consider various factors, including the size of the headlights on the car and the desired colour and style of lights the buyer wants. It may even be possible for a buyer to install the new headlights into his or her car. LED headlights can add style and sophistication to the look of almost any car and can be a very practical purchase, as well.

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