A quick guide to rechargeable batteries

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There are three main types of rechargeable batteries

Ni-Cd ... Nickel Cadmium

Ni-Mh....Nickel Metal Hydride

Li-iOn.....Lithium Ion

A rechargeable battery is measured by its charging capacity, which is measures in mAh (Milli amp hours)

The bigger the number, the higher the capacity of the battery

IE a 1700mAh battery will power an item for 10x longer than a 170mAh battery, but the higher power battery will take longer to charge.

The different battery technologies affect the performance of the batteries

NiCd is now the older technology, these batteries are fairly cheap because they suffer "memory" problems.

For instance if you charged a NiCd to full, then only used 50% of its capacity, and charged it again, then did the same over and over again, eventually the battery will think its only 50% of its original capacity.

The golden rule with NiCds is to COMPLETLY dishcarge them every time before charging them again, that way they will always be at their best performamce.

NiCd can be "cycled" around 1000 times, or charged once a day for around 3 years before they die.

NiCd & NiMh batteries also are lower voltage than their standard counterparts

IE AAA AA C D NiCd & NiMh are 1.2v each, PP3 8.2v each.

This isnt so important nowadays as it was, as modern items can cope with the lower voltages, BUT IT IS ALWAYS wise to check the instructions on the item you intended to use them in as some items specifically state UNSUITABLE for rechargeable batteries, this is because the lower voltage can damage your appliance.

 NiMh batteries were bought in to solve the Nicd "memory" problem, these type of batteries are more expensive, but throughout their life they can be partially discharged and charged as many times as you like ( up to around 1000 times) and they will always have full capacity.

Li-Ion batteries solve both the problem associated with with the other two types of batteries, IE they are FULL voltage, and suffer no memory problems, but again that is reflected in the price.

AAA AA C D PP3 Li-ion batteries are very expensive, so Li-ion batteries are mainly used in high drain appliances such as Mobile phones and camcorders

Each different type of battery requires different charging technology, and you should NEVER charge one type of battery with a charger designed for another type ( unless the charger is a universal one, and specifically states all will charge all three types)


All rechargeable batteries in high drain appliances will get warm as they discharge, theis is quite normal, HOWEVER you must never charge a warm battery, allow it to cool first.

We only sell UNIROSS brand batteries, these are by far and away the best rechargeable batteries on the market today, 75% of rechargeable batteries sold in the UK are UNIROSS

The reason UNIROSS are the best sellers is quite simply because they are the best on the market today.

Some of the cheaper lesser known brands of batteries make some extrodinary claims which quite frankly are just not true.

These claims usually are made around the mAh capacity of the batteries.

If  a UNIROSS states it is a certain capacity, IE 2300mAh, then thats what it will be, with the unbranded or lesser known batteries this figure is quite often grossly exaggerated IE they claim they are 2300mAh, but in reality could be as little as 250mAh

UNIROSS qulaity control ensures you really are getting what you pay for, and with the cheaper batteries, well you pays your money and takes your chances, so much so that lots of cheaper chinese made batteries stae they for instance NiMH, when in reality they are really NiCD cells, and they do this because they can charge more for them, and the average customer wont know the difference until they ruin their chargers, or damage the appliance they are used in.


Most important warning of all

All Rechargeable batteries chargers sold within the eu, MUST be CE approved, this is a legal requirement, and it is there for your protection.

ALL UNIROSS CHARGERS are fully CE approved

If you see a cheap charger being sold on ebay, check it is CE approved, it will have the CE mark on it, if it doesnt, and you still want to buy it, you would be advised to also buy a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher.


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