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As the title implies this is a warships collection and not a battleships collection (as they are sometimes advertised on ebay), it includes important warships from all powers from World War 2. Types supplied in this collection are Battleship, Cruiser and Aircraft Carrier.

Atlas plan 27 items in all, (6 more announced in 2012 the list below has been revised)

The full list now [March 2012] stands at 33 ships.

I have checked all the Atlas websites and this issue is currently (at 08/2010) only available in the UK and Germany. 

You cannot buy this series at the newsagents, this series is only available on a subscription basis direct from Atlas.

The number of the ship in the series is marked on the back of the box. 

The first delivery of 2 ships (Hood and Bismarck) will cost you £2.99 (free p&p) when you order them from Atlas directly.. only available as a subscription package. They are delivered with their documentation and 2 news paper front covers relating to sea battles of WW2.

After the first issue of 2 ships, you can cancel or carry on ... you then receive 1 ship every 28 days at the price of £14.99.

The scale is 1/1250th, material is cast white metal with plastic detailing,  they are well packed and virtually unbreakable in transit (which does make a nice change for magazine collection items). The boxing can however get crushed, but the interior packaging is pretty good so the ship is safe in transit.

What do you get

  •  the model of the ship
  • 2 piece clear plastic casing containing the ship
  • grey box with hardly any info about what the contents are (later models do include the ship name above the reference number)
  • 4 page flyer with details about the ship (normally folded in 2 to get it into the parcel)

From comments i have read on collectors websites they are nicely modelled, obviously hand finished items. Only cristicism is the lack of national markings and decoration on seaplanes (if appropriate)

The way the subscription works is that you always start at number 1 (the Hood and Bismarck) then you have the rest delivered every 28 days..... so you will see higher numbers available on ebay even if the last one you received was number 2. The problem is that to get to the better issues like the aircraft carriers you need to take out a full subscription. These magazine guys have started doing this due to the waste they generated and over production issues. What this has also done is increased the rarity value of the higher numbers as many drop by the wayside on their subscriptions. The tendency would be that if you have them then you really are a collector and you will keep them.

This is the list obtained directly from ATLAS , with the proviso that it can be changed at any moment.


  • 7134501 Bismark
  • 7134502 HMS Hood
  • 7134503 HMS Prince of Wales
  • 7134504 Scharnhorst
  • 7134505 IJN Yamato
  • 7134506 USS Missouri
  • 7134507 Graf Spee
  • 7134508 HMS Ark Royal
  • 7134509 Prinz Eugen
  • 7134510 HMS Repulse
  • 7134511 USS Hornet
  • 7134512 USS Lexington
  • 7134513 HMS Warspite
  • 7134514 HMS Exeter
  • 7134515 USS Arizona
  • 7134516 HMS Ramillies
  • 7134517 Admiral Scheer
  • 7134518 HMS Rodney
  • 7134519 Tirpitz
  • 7134520 HMS Duke of York
  • 7134521 Gneisenau
  • 7134522 HMS Vanguard
  • 7134523 Lutzow
  • 7134524 HMS Barham
  • 7134525 IJN Kirishima
  • 7134526 RM Roma
  • 7134527 USS Massachuset
  • 7134528 HMS George V (new 2012)
  • 7134529 HMS Anson (new 2012)
  • 7134530 USS Saratoga (new 2012)
  • 7134531 HMS Nelson (new 2012)
  • 7134532 USS Pennsylvania (new 2012)
  • 7134533 HMS Renown (new 2012)
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