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I am a Rug Doctor employee working for the theft unit. I want to make buyers aware that all RED Rug Doctor machines are the property of Rug Doctor Ltd. They are never offered for sale - even to the stores that rent them out.


Rug Doctor has recently had a case where a red machine was rented from a rental store and then an attempt was made to sell it on eBay.

If a renter attempts to do this then this is theft.

If the renter gets another ebayer to sell it on their behalf then that seller is handling stolen goods.

If you have unwittingly bought one or accepted one in payment for something else then please contact us on 01903 235558.


Only BLUE Rug Doctor machines are sold to the trade and general public. RED machines have etched into the side of the machines that they are not for sale and are the sole property of Rug Doctor.


If a RED unit is listed for sale DO NOT BUY as, if you purchase it, you will be handling stolen goods.


We monitor eBay every day and all sellers of RED Rug Doctor machines who do not pre-arrange with us for the return of the machine to their nearest rental outlet will - without exception - be reported to the police. We work closely with eBay's PROACT unit who will immediately suspend these seller's accounts and assist the police in apprehending the seller - even PowerSellers have had their accounts suspended.


Please DO NOT BUY A RED RUG DOCTOR MACHINE  as it will be stolen property.

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