Acrylic Nail Kit Buying Guide

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Acrylic Nail Kit Buying Guide

Acrylic nails are an easy way for the fashion conscious to add style and character to an ensemble. They provide wearers with artificial nails that last for a long time. They are easy to apply at home with an acrylic nail kit. Typically, the nails are soaked off when the wearer wants to remove them. Buyers should consider the components in nail kits and how to choose the right product.


Components of an Acrylic Nail Kit

The primary components of the kits are acrylic nail tips. These attach to the nail bed with special glue. Tips are usually long, which allows wearers to shape them to the desired length using special acrylic nail clippers and files. Bowls and brushes make it easy to mix the solutions required to apply and paint the nails. Many kits also contain nail primer, cuticle oil, and buffing blocks.


Choosing an Acrylic Nail Kit

To choose an acrylic nail kit, buyers should first consider their level of experience with acrylic materials. If buyers have worked as nail technicians, they should choose kits that include advanced supplies, such as special liquids and nail accessories. Confident, but less experienced buyers can choose kits that offer plenty of materials with detailed instructions. Beginners should look for starter kits that include pre-painted nails and simple instructions.


Popular Acrylic Nail Kits

There are several acrylic nails kits that are easy to use. Professional kits come with a full set of tools, so buyers have everything that they need to create a wonderful look, including nail pens and sequins that allow for extra decoration. The Kiss Nails French Acrylic Sculpture kit contains two sets of tips: one clear and the other in a French manicure design. It also comes with simple instructions. The ASP Try Me Acrylic nail kit includes four shades of nail polish and a DVD with instructions.