Anti Slip Decking Strips

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Anti Slip Decking Strips
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Anti Slip Decking Strips

Safety Anti Slip Solution

Traditional timber garden decking can become extremely slippery due to a number of environmental factors such as water, moss, algae & mould. 

Decking Strips are available in a variety of styles to suit both new-build, or refurbished timber decks, and once installed provide an unbeatable level of slip resistance, whilst retaining the aesthetics of timber decking. Choose a colour to blend in with your style of decking or select a bright colour to highlight slip hazards for safety reasons. Commonly bright Yellow is used on areas where caution should be observed. 

Convex Strips
Designed to fit directly onto existing timber decking. The unique chamfered edges ensures a low profile fit, thereby reducing any perceived trip hazard. Simply Glue and Screw into place. Convex Decking Strips are available in either 50mm or 100mm widths in lengths up to 3000mm.

Standard colours are Black, Beige or Yellow and when ordering, choose Pre-Drilled or Undrilled if you wish to customise the drill positions on site .

Simply buy the Decking Strip length to suit your Decking Board length, if you have a wider deck than 3000mm, don't worry simply join the Decking Strips end to end, glue screw and fix in place. It is recommended all drill holes in Decking Strips are countersunk on the upper facing surface to accommodate screws heads , this ensures a tidy job and means they blend in nicely with the already low profile.
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