Are you really buying a NEW BNIB BNWT BNWOT item?

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Be cautious when bidding on a clothing item advertised as "New" "BNIB" "BNWT" and especially "BNWOT" (brand new without tags). Some high-volume commercial sellers are advertising clothing items as new, when actually they are used but are in very good condition. They invest in a gadget which inserts the plastic tag into the label, to make it look like only the paper tag has been ripped off.

Ways to tell if your item of clothing is not actually new -

  1. A tiny hole exists in the fabric sewn-in label, showing where the original tag was
  2. The fabric label may look wrinkled, as though having been through a washing machine
  3. Clothing smells like it has been in a charity shop, or suspiciously of a fabric de-odouriser like "Febreze"
  4. There may be furred threads around seams

The seller is relying on you to be fooled by the very good condition of the item, or to be not too bothered if you realise it has been worn once or twice. However, they will also, of course, have attracted a higher price from you and the other bidders than if they had listed it as used/worn.

If you feel you have been misled in this way, but still like the item, you may want to negotiate with the seller to knock a few quid off. Sellers will be willing to do this as they will still have made a sale, but avoided negative feedback.

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