Avoid Fake Canada Goose Items

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After purchasing my genuine Canada Goose jacket it became very quickly apparent to me how many fake ones were being sold on Ebay..... I would say the rate was nearly 50/50.

And yet fakes are so easy to spot once you know what you are looking for, after looking to see the quality of guides on youtube and here I decided to write my own... Fore warned is fore armed....

Hope you like it:

Firstly and the most obvious sign is the badge itself:

Now take a close, proper look at it.
See the detailing on the badge on the left, it has smaller details, the land shape isnt smooth and rounded off like the badge on the left, there are no gaps in the middle of the lakes. Secondly but not always as obvious as this picture; check the Maple leaf actually looks like a detailed Maple leaf and not just a poor example.

Now that's your first sighter on the Jacket. Next....the hologram. (From 2011) ALL genuine Canada Goose Jackets should have a hologram in it. However this is not definitive proof its genuine if present, it is though, definitive proof its fake if it is absent. Always use the hologram as another tick mark in proving it is genuine, and look for other signs.

Here you can see the genuine Hologram, and the Q/A tag.... compared with the very poor fake tag.... Also look for at least 3 tags to be in this region side by side. One should be long with cleaning instructions etc..... Check the tag for minor spelling or grammatical errors no matter how small.... think Would Canada Goose really make that error?  I saw a tag today with 'ALL OWABLE' as 2 separate words... when it should have been ALLOWABLE. Check on the tag that when it has been written in different languages where it is made, should be on 3 separate lines and not all run together.

Next the Fur collar:

This is a genuine fur collar from a humanely culled Coyote... and it is very plush and very thick. Expedition fur collars ARE NOT removable.... if seller states it is... then it is a fake. (1 exception to this is the PBI version, which is usually, as far as I have ever seen only available in pale blue)

There is a very obvious difference here, and I have seen much much worse being passed off as genuine, almost looking like the have used a scraggy cat. Also if the fur is 1 blocked colour then it is also Fake.... Coyote fur has multiple colours in it.

A few other pointers to look out for:

The zip should always be a YKK zip, and it only has 'CANADA GOOSE' written on the material part of the zip.... It does not have a picture of a goose on it. Expedition jackets DO NOT have large buttons on the front....should be a YKK zip and a velcro cross over wind cover.  

An ExpeditIon Jacket only has an expedition tag on its back.... it DOES NOT say Canada Goose

Remember it is supposed to feel plush, full and expensive, these aren't cheap jackets, the stitching should be perfect... the spacing, the internal panels well spaced and stitched, no down sticking out or loose. 

If the jacket is fairly old then it may have the old  badge inside and missing the hologram, If it states 'NEW with Tags' and has the old style badge inside...then its a fake, the counterfeiters are still using the old style badge.

Also be aware the web site should read....


Check the Country of Origin, if it is from Hong Kong, China or surrounding areas then there is a 99% chance it is a fake. (add some Eastern European countries to that list now.... I have seen a few from that area)

Check the elastic cuffs are only black in colour if it is supposedly a new jacket (older pre 2008 were colour coordinated, but that has since stopped) If it is any other colour than black..........its fake.

Check the tags if brand new:

This makes it much more obvious what is real and what is fake.

This is not an exhaustive list of issues between genuine and fake Canada Goose items, it is merely an aid to hopefully give you a slightly more informed choice when buying a Jacket. Remember if its too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. These are well made, expensive jackets and you will NOT be able to buy a genuine one for £100 no matter what a site tells you. Do your research before buying from ebay, within 5 minutes you will be able to start telling the difference. All I have done here is collated some information to give you a head start................. Today I looked through Ebay (26th Feb 2014) and I found that nearly every other privately sold jacket was a fake........Dont get caught out because you didnt check this.... its an expensive mistake, and I suspect many fake jackets are sold on Ebay multiple times as people become aware of the fact they have a fake jacket and try to cut their losses.

If you do get a genuine jacket, enjoy it. It is the best piece of kit you will ever buy, and you will never need another winter jacket.

As of today 21/05/15 I have reported another 5 fake Canada Goose items, 2 of which had active bidders on them;  and over the past few months have watched several fake items be sold even after being reported.Ebay has failed to act and remove them so PLEASE take care and do your checks! I have also noticed another trick; the coats are being Listed up as Canada Goose etc, then written in the details hidden away is the word 'replica'... it isn't a replica...it's a fake pure and simple. The easiest check is if listed as new... it MUST HAVE A HOLOGRAM next to the internal tags (do not assume that the addition of a hologram means it is 100% authentic though, I have seen fakes with a hologram). Look at the badges the leaves should look like a Maple leaf not some weird starship. If the stitching looks cheap.........then it's cheap and stay away!