BEWARE of graded items

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BEWARE of "graded" items

There are a lot of sellers selling what they called new "graded" items on eBay - more and more each day seem to be appearing. I have bought a couple of graded items and been very disappointed each time.

What is graded?

Graded is meant to be something like:

  • Ex-display re-boxed as new - so basically something that has been sat on a store shelf on show but not used - therefore item might be a bit dusty with some light marks from being moved about and original packaging may be creased and damaged or missing.
  • Customer returns - an item that was bought and returned to the shop as unwanted so should be all as new in original box but has been opened.
  • Refused / Cancelled order - item should be brand new in its box but the box may be slightly damaged due to transit i.e have shipping stickers on.


I have bought two new "graded" items and to be quite honest - I wish I'd bought second hand!!

First one was a Sony stereo - which was supposed to be "new - without original box" - it didn't have it original box when it arrived but was packed well enough in a large box with bubble wrap. The problem was it STANK of smoke (i mean wreaked of it) to the point i immediately re-boxed it and sent it back.

Second Item I bought (yes stung twice albeit from a different seller) was a DAB radio for the kitchen again supposed to be "new - without original box" this arrived just wrapped in some card board in dreadful condition - with speaker grills dented, scratched all over and generally looking rubbish.

Double check and be aware:

  • You don't always notice straight away the item you are looking at is graded either because they sometime use tiny text at the bottom.
  • In my opinion ANY graded item should be listed as second hand and NOT new as its deceiving genuine buyers.
  • Be wary of stock pictures not showing the geniune item
  • Be sure to READ the whole page if you are buying an item (especially if you are going to give it as a present).
  • Check what the seller means by "graded"!!! as this seems a very loose term now.
  • If there isnt a lot between a graded item and new - just buy the new one so at least you wont be disappointed!!
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