Baby Annabell (version 9) interactive doll - Review

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Baby Annabell doll (version 9) with it's accessories
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Baby Annabell doll (version 9) with it's accessories

Four months ago, I have bought my little daughter Yasmin one of the Baby Annabell dolls (v9) made by Zapf-Creation as I used to love my Baby Born doll which are also made by Zapf when I was her age. And the ads for this doll being constantly shown on TV made my daughter wanting one really badly too. 

According to the manufacturer this interactive doll
  • drinks water
  • cries with tears coming out
  • 46 cm in hight 
  • has a rock to sleep function
  • is a realistic baby-like features, functions and movements

The box contains:
  • 1  Baby Annabell Doll
  • 1 bottle with cap
  • 1 dummy
  • 1 bib 
  • 1 pendant

With all these features and functions, this makes this version of Baby Annabell doll just like a real baby with realistic baby sounds including babbling & gurgling and mouth movements when sucking on her dummy or bottle. When you rock her she will yawn and fall asleep and snore. 
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However the doll did not drink any of the water from the bottle when we have tried to give her a bottle of water and since she couldn't drink the water no tears came out when she cried, which Yasmin and I were a little disappointed with as that was one of the reasons we went to get her this doll.

Since this may have been a faulty doll we went back to the Entertainer shop and swapped it for a new one but unfortunately it still had the same issue and we gave up. 
I thought in case anyone is thinking of purchasing this doll, they should know that this is an issue with many Baby Annabell version 9 dolls. I have seen several people in different forums complaining of the same issue, but otherwise we do like the doll. 

This doll can be purchased from about £37.49 -49.99

I hope this review was helpful and if so please give me a thumbs up ;) 
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