Beware the Matrixyl 3000 hype

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Carry out a search for Matrixyl 3000 and you’ll come across products from a range of sellers offering serums and moisturisers with apparent 40%, 50% and 60% concentrations of Matrixyl 3000. This would lead you to believe that the serum contains 40%, 50%, or 60% Matrixyl 3000 as an actual proportion of the serum. This is not the case at all. What these sellers are actually referring to is a percentage of a 10% solution. So in real terms a product which claims 40% Matrixyl 3000 will actually contain just 4% actual Matrixyl 3000.

It really annoys me because we are in competition with these sellers and we have no doubt that a potential buyer, who is clearly looking for the most effective products at the best possible price, will feel that a serum that claims to carry 40% Matrixyl is a much better deal than our product which seems to contain a much lower proportion (ours is a true percentage). And will be duped into buying a product that actually contains a lower proportion of Matrixyl 3000 than our serum.

The difference between our serum and another sellers product is that we don’t use 10% solutions. We use the 100% Matrixyl 3000 ingredient as supplied direct from the manufacturers -  Sederma. We could dilute the pure Matrixyl to a 10% solution and then claim a 50% or 60% concentration of Matrixyl 3000 rather than a 5% or 6% concentration of a 100% solution but we won’t do that.

So why believe us? Well the manufacturers, (Sederma) recommend a usage rate of 3% to 8%, and warn that concentrations significantly above their recommended usage rates will provide no additional benefit and may in fact be problematic for the skin. So why on earth would a manufacturer use 60%? Then of course there is the cost consideration; Matrixyl 3000 is not cheap. An actual 60% of a 30ml serum would mean a whopping 18ml of Matrixyl 3000! You couldn’t sell a serum with that much Matrixyl 3000 for the kinds of prices these serums are being sold for on Ebay.

Need more proof? There is a seller on Ebay offering a product with 60% Matrixyl, 60% Hyaluronic Acid , and 25% Argireline – doesn’t that add up to 145%?

Need more? There are two products available on Ebay with the same claims in the title “HYALURONIC ACID HA 60% matrixyl 3000”. Both products claim to be unique. Well they have different labels – so maybe that’s what they mean. But they have identical ingredients – even down to the same spelling mistake.( Soduim Bicarbonate) Have a look for them – you’ll find them!
What is perhaps the most galling aspect is that the ingredients list for these two ‘unique’ serums can not be true – that combination is impossible. The serums both claim to contain 5% ascorbic acid – you can’t have ascorbic acid with carbomer. Plus they claim a clear gel – you can’t have a clear gel that contains cetyl alcohol and beeswax – those ingredients would make the product white! And there is an ingredient in the listing that doesn’t actually exist anymore – it was withdrawn years ago – (unless the sellers have a secret stockpile?)

I don’t have a problem with competition. All I want is a level playing field and accurate and fair descriptions

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