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There are several important things to consider when buying a pool table for your home.

Room Size 

Measure your room carefully and make sure it is big enough to fit a pool table into.  A guide to room sizes is allow a minimum of 4ft (122cm) all round the table to be able to play with a 48" cue.  A full size pool cue is 57" (145cm) so you would need 5ft all round to play.  English game pool is played on either 6ft x 3ft 6inch or 7ft x 4ft tables.  Both are official league sizes.   The balls used are 2". 


It is very important that you check the access to the room as a pool table is about the same size as a double wardrobe.  The legs come off and the slate comes out but you are left with a very large cabinet which can get jammed on tight corners and landings.  We can offer a range of tables which can be supplied flat pack and re assembled when delivered. 

What type of table should I be looking for

The main thing to remember is YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.  If what you want is a table for the kids to knock around on which will get relegated to the garage after a few months, go and buy a cheap imported mdf one from a catalogue (or eBay).  You could also buy an ex pub table, there are some great bargains to be had, but I would recommend seeing the actual table before commiting to purchase as there could be problems with the internal ball return mechanism, or loose cushions etc.  There are also some new tables on the market which look wonderful in the picture but the quality leaves a lot to be desired.  By going to a reputable and experienced retailer like ourselves who have a large showroom with several tables on display you can check out the table and maybe pot a ball or two while you are there.      See Examples


Delivery and installation

Slate bed tables always play best and these are very heavy 170 to 240 kg so we offer a personal delivery and installation service.  It may cost a little extra but could be worth it in the end.  Some companies offer 'drop ship' and this can save you money but you will need some strong guys (or gals!) to help get the table from the pavement into your house.

What style of table

There are lots of different styles of slate bed tables these days from 'pub' style


To bespoke solid timber like the Executive shown here in solid ash.


Or you could throw out your old dining table and buy a pool dining table                           


Pool diners are becoming increasingly popular and with styles that reflect many different decorating themes from modern to traditional so there is sure to be a table to suit your taste.   These tables are not cheap but if you consider what you would pay for a good dining table the price is very competitive.

Buying a pool table is usually a one off purchase so take a little time to find the one that best fits your requirements.   If you would like more information or advice give us a call or ask seller a question on my eBay items.

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