Buying laptops in the US: Import duty, VAT and more...

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In a nutshell: laptops are free of import duty so, when importing into the UK, you should expect only import VAT @ 15% plus any handling fees that the shipping provider might charge.

Laptops are generally cheaper in the US so no wonder that import duty and VAT calculations on laptops are run quite often on the DutyCalculator.

However, unexpected additional charges might be disappointing.

Some good news for those who are looking forward to buying their new HP Pavillion, or Sony Vaio, in the US:  laptops are duty free.

If you are importing into the UK, 15% of the total value of the laptop plus any shipping and insurance costs will be added to the bill as import VAT.  So far so good. 

However, import buyers should be aware that the shipping provider generally adds handling and advancement fees.  These  additional charges are difficult to calculate before buying since they vary from company to company.

Ok, anything else?  Well, yes actually.  Buyers should check that the laptop power supply will be suitable for use in the UK since some of the lower priced laptops might not come with a universal voltage charger.  If this is the case, a voltage converter will add a little to the overall cost.

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