CND Shellac French Manicure Guide

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CND Shellac French Manicure Info: Which Colours ?

For the white tip, use Cream Puff (opaque white) or Studio White (off-white semi sheer).
CND Descriptions:
Cream Puff is an opaque white perfect for French manicures or uber fashion-forward 'chalk' nails
Studio White: semi-sheer soft white Studio White will create the prettiest French manicures with a beautiful soft twist!
For the natural pink, you may use Negligee, Beau,Clearly Pink or Romantique. Negligee, Beau and Clearly Pink are sheer. Romantique is a bit opaque.

2014 Update : NEW Intimates Collection
Soft delicate tones that let natural beauty shine through. Subtle , Chic and Graceful
Bare Chemise  a semi-sheer with a hint of shimmer cnd description semi-sheer Light Nude
Blush Teddy is a pearlescent opaque cnd description the perfect opaque iridescent light pink
Nude Knickers a creamy semi-sheer  cnd description semi-sheer light nude opaque
Satin Pajamas  is a creamy opaque  cnd description an opaque taupe beige

For a Glitter Finish use Grapefruit Sparkle or Strawberry Smoothie.You can also use Mother of Pearl or Moonight & Roses on their own or as a top layer to any colour
Strawberry Smoothie: a pale, silvery metallic baby pink- one of CND's most popular colours
Grapefruit Sparkle :CND Description: palest of soft pinks with added silver glitz!

Negligee, the bottle looks cream but the polish is clear with a hint of pink.
CND Description: Negligee is a sheer opalescent baby pink.
Beau, You may wonder why you are getting the colour Negligee in a Romantique bottle, but wait, there are differences. Beau comes on with a bit of a violet/blue and white transparency. This alternates as a good layering and base colour as well.
CND Description:  Beau creates a beautiful healthy nail look.  It's a sheer peachy-pink with a hint of opalescence. 
Clearly Pink is crystal clear with a very very faint hint of pink. It makes for an extremely clean looking nail, but is a little too clear if you have any trouble spots or damaged nails
CND Description: Clearly Pink is clear - think 'Lip Gloss' for the nails!
Romantique is the option for someone wanting a crème based colour where the natural nail won’t be seen.
CND Description: Romantique is an opaque ballet tutu pink that looks stunning on nails.
Mother of Pearl  the bottle is white but the polish is clear glitter. 
CND Description: Mother of Pearl is a clear sparkly colour coat that looks gorgeous by itself or can be used to bling up all the other Shellac colours.   
Moonlight & Roses possibly one of the most popular colours from CND of all time- this is the perfect opalescent pink !! As with Mother of Pearl ,looks gorgeous by itself or can be used to bling up all the other Shellac colours
Which White?
Cream Puff can be tricky to apply for new users as it is a thicker consistency than regular Shellac but is fantastic when mastered, Studio White is easier.
We have photos of all colours applied to the nail on our ebay French Manicure listing , to visit click HERE

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