Cases To Give Your Mobile Phone an Instant Upgrade

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Protect your phone from daily wear and tear and stand out from the crowd with these stylish phone cases.

Is It a Phone? Is It a Wallet?

One of the most popular cases for every type of smartphone is the wallet case. Wallet case phone protectors have a foldable cover which flips back and forth to protect the screen when your phone is not in use. The cover is usually fastened in place with a magnet or popper button. When you need to use the phone, simply open the fastening and flip the cover around the back of your phone to have full use of the screen.

The wallet case is secured to your phone in the same way a normal bumper phone case would clip on. They come in a huge range of materials and fits, but the most popular is the leather-style wallet case. The final feature of a wallet case is that it gives you the option to store your most important bank cards in a sleeve inside the cover. Ultra-convenient for anyone on the go!

Glam It Up

A Second Skin

If you really love the design of your phone and want to keep it as close as possible to the original size and shape, a great option is to find a suitable fitted case or phone skin. It will keep it protected from knocks and scratches while maintaining the original design aesthetics. These cases are usually made from extremely thin plastic. If you're looking for extra protection, a bumper phone case is a wise choice, and will protect your phone with a rubberised area around the sides, just incase you drop it.

To get the best of both worlds - equal protection and style - look out for metallic phone bumpers, or find a patterned phone bumper that matches your personal preference. If you really want to glam it up, you can find plenty of 3D phone cases with beautiful designs such as bows and flowers.