Cash on Collection and Paypal

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Hi all,
"Cash on Collection" doesn't always mean exactly that. When sellers put such a term under the Postage options, what they usually mean is that the item is to big and heavy to post. So C on C is quite sensible for a sofa or a chest of drawers and have you seen the prices that Royal Mail charge for delivering a car??
But there are pitfalls.
Number one for the seller is to never, ever accept a payment via Paypal for an item that is being collected by the buyer in person. Of course, the buyer may be perfectly honest but we don't have to worry about him, we have to worry about all the scam artists that feed on unwary eBay hobby sellers. Let's take a look at a possible scenario. In this instance, you are the seller and you have listed a laptop for a fair price and included a postage cost.
Some guy sends you an e-mail about collecting the item in person to save on postage fees and you say that's OK.
He then hits the Buy Now button and pays for the item with Paypal. You are delighted because you have sold your laptop.
Two days later after a few e-mails back and forth to arrange a collection day/time the buyer turns up, tries out the laptop, shakes your hand and then disappears from your life. For about a week.
That's when you get an e-mail from Paypal saying that the buyer wants to know where his laptop is?
You write back saying that the buyer came to collect the laptop in person but that means nothing to Paypal.
You could provide a document signed by the buyer and a solicitor saying that the buyer collected the laptop and it wouldn't mean a thing.
All that Paypal are interested in is that you must be able to provide the tracking number from the receipt that you got from the Post office.
Without that, Paypal will 100% certainly refund the buyer the money that he paid for the laptop and there is nothing that you can do about it.
So then you decide to visit the buyer with a few friends armed with baseball bats and ski masks, ...... but where do you go? You have no idea where the dodgy buyer lives and the eBay ID that he used was probably created just for your laptop with bogus details.

Moral of the story .... NEVER accept Paypal for a Cash on Collection deal.
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