Choosing Cream legbar hatching eggs

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Cream legbar eggs (credit to Jill Rees (jillscreamlegbars) )
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Cream legbar eggs (credit to Jill Rees (jillscreamlegbars) )

Cream legbar is a wonderful breed for many reasons, sadly sometimes the things that make them so good are also the biggest downfall.

First off a cream legbar is exactly that, without going too far into the genetics they are a gold bird, but the 2 copies of the ig gene (inhibitor of gold) gives the colour. 

So you’ve decided you’d like to hatch a few Cream Legbars, my advice to you is to firstly familiarise yourself with the breed standard so you know what the birds should look like, check out a few websites jillscreamlegbars (, for pictures and information about the breed, this website has been a huge help to me

Now to select where you want your eggs from!
First and foremost ask questions, any breeder worth their salt will be happy to assist someone looking for eggs to hatch, ask to see photos of the parent stock, photos of other chicks hatched and if possible the sources of their birds. There is a very tight knit community that are trying to save the breed and trying to keep them true to their roots, communities on social media sites that are always happy to welcome anyone that wants to save this precious breed facebook has one named Cream legbar breeders group 
 The eggs themselves should be a shade of blue, green or olive, this is down to the ancestry of the breed and there will be a variation in the colour of eggs but at no point ever should a legbar egg be anything other than the colours mentioned. if told any different buyer beware! There are so so many people that believe they have the real deal, sadly at some point over time the birds will have been crossed, often leading to different colour birds, and also eggs (just because it has a crest does not make it a cream legbar)

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