Citroen Remote key Fob buying - HELP TO SAVE YOU MONEY

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Firstly before I continue please vote to keep this review high on the ladder to help others. All this below should hep you.

I am a vehicle locksmith and key programmer of 12 years experience. I have been selling and programming keys for these 12 years. Over the past few years remote selling on Ebay is high. This review is to tell people all is not what it seems. The information below is for Citroen cars. I have been a little fed up with the people coming to me after being charged by a dealer for programming key even though they have failed because second hand remotes cannot be programmed to most cars. So here goes to assist you.

  This remote is on Citroen C1, C2, C3, Xsara Picasso and Berlingo.

I must tell you that on Citroen Xsara Picasso & Citroen Berlingo from 1999-2002 have a differant remote but have been superceeded to this remote above. The below information is for these cars too.

This remote is a one car programming remote. From the first day it is sold it starts off its life virgin. As soon as you program the remote it changes the chip to imprint the cars information too it. This way the remote now can only be reprogrammed to the same car. ONLY buy this remote if it is brand new in a parts bag. Many advertise this remote as new with a new key blade. DON'T be fooled. The condition is new but it has already been programmed. Please make sure it has not been programmed to another car.

Also beware each model has a differant remote and part number even though they look the same. Even if you find a new one make sure the part number matches the part number you get from your dealership to your chassis number. No remote works each other.

  This remote is on Newer C2, C3 also on C4, C4 Picasso and C5 facelift.

The information for this remote is exact to what is writtern above. DO NOT buy unless it is brand new. All dealerships will only order these cut already to a car. So sometimes you can fins a new remote already cut but again make sure it has not been programmed before. Also make sure the car it came off as again they don't work each other model.

My advice is buy this from a locksmith or dealership.

 This remote is from Xsara from 2001- and on C5 upto facelift model.

DO NOT EVER buy these remotes off Ebay. These remotes can only be bought in the first place cut to the car intended then programmed. They cannot be reprogrammed and a new blade is not possible to be fitted. Please again DO NOT BUY.

Hope this has all helped. Again please vote.

Any questions please ask though Ebay but please but make, model, year and your email so I can reply via email rather than Ebay. This way I can track our conversations.

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