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This is a short guide to help people know what to look for when buying a Rise Recliner Chair. There are many different points to look out for including background information, types, stock, delivery and warranties. All of these points should be considered throroughly before purchasing.

  1. Background Information
    It is important that you know a bit about the chair before buying and also the company you are buying from. Always check the manufacturer of the chair because not all chairs are produced by Rise Recliner Specialists. E.g. A Rise Recliner Chair may be selling on eBay for £250-£350 and although this is a great price, they probably won't be a Rise Recliner manufacturer and will just import them from the Far East. Recommended manufacturers are La-z-boyDrive Medical and Pride Mobility amongst others. It is always worth checking where they are manufacturered too as not all are produced here in the UK.

  2. Type
    There are two main different types of Rise Recliner Chair; a dual motor and a single motor. A Single Motor chair means that the backrest and footrest and used in conjunction with each other. This means that when you recline the backrest, the footrest will automatically come up inline with the backrest. Basically that there is one motor to control the backrest and footrest. Whereas a Dual Motor chair is produced with one motor to control the backrest and one motor to control the footrest. This means that you can keep the backrest straight and just bring the footrest up and vica versa. I would always recommend this option as it is completely independant in that the user can position the backrest and footrest wherever they want.

  3. Stock
    When buying from a company, always check their stock level first because although it may say on the internet that they have 50 in stock, they may actually have none and will have to order from the manufacturer. Always ring their office to check with a member of staff before placing the order.

  4. Delivery
    Always check the company's delivery policy thoroughly before buying. Although a company may advertise free delivery and for the following day, the vast majority of companies will deliver their Rise Recliner Chairs by a national courier. This may seem fine at first but there a few things to remember with this delivery. You will probably have to help the driver take two large boxes off the van (around 45kgs) and carry them to your front door. This is because courier drivers are not insured to enter your property and only allowed to delivery parcels to the customer's door. You will then have to carry the two boxes into your house and whichever room you want to set the chair up in. Once unpacked you will then have to install the chair and check the manual on how to use it.

  5. Warranty and Guarentee
    Be sure to check what sort of warranty you get with your Riser Recliner purchase. Some companies do not advertise a warranty as there is none included so it is always best to check. Another point to check is if they have any sort of callout charge or spare parts fee. If something were to go wrong with your Rise Recliner, some companies will charge you for the part that needs replacing and possibly charge you for coming out to fix your chair which may not be for a few weeks.

Please remember to check all these points when considering a Rise Recliner especially the delivery. These chairs are produced particularly for elderly people who may have limited mobility or arthritis and a delivery by courier will be no good to them in respect to the points made above.

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