Construction Diggers: An A-to-Z of the Leading Manufacturers

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Construction Diggers: An A-to-Z of the Leading Manufacturers

Construction diggers, also known as excavators, are large and expensive pieces of equipment that perform the task of moving massive amounts of earth. Generally, these machines are used in the construction field, but they can also be put to use in agriculture or disaster relief type situations as well, among other things. There are several varieties of construction diggers, differentiated by variations in design and size. Some diggers are designed for extremely difficult terrains, while others are meant to be used mainly in gentle soils. Many diggers are equipped with treads, like a tank, while others have wheels.

All of these differences mean that some diggers are better suited for some tasks than others. Construction diggers can be purchased from authorised dealers, as well as from sellers on eBay. While there are many manufacturers of construction diggers around the world, most of the best diggers are made by a relatively small handful of manufacturers. Understanding who the primary manufacturers are, and what kind of experience and engineering know-how they bring to their products, can help make finding the right digger a much more enjoyable process.

Bobcat Company

The Bobcat Company specialises in smaller construction equipment. For this reason, they are considered one of the leaders in terms of small, or mini-excavators. Bobcat products are sold around the world and are considered highly reliable. Small Bobcat excavators are designed to offer higher ground clearance than other small excavators to make it easier to clean and service them. They are also designed to make it easier to access the engine and other mechanical parts in order to make repairs or replacements.

Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar is perhaps the most widely known manufacturer of construction diggers and other construction equipment. The company itself is fairly old, and was officially founded in 1925. However, it was born from older companies, giving it more than a century of experience manufacturing heavy equipment used for construction. Many of these early machines date from the earliest days of the automobile, which means that Caterpillar has grown up alongside the development of cars, tanks, and other vehicle technology.

Caterpillar Inc. Products

As Caterpillar sells products on every continent, there are many different products available. Many of these products are involved in the construction field to some degree and there are several different kinds of construction diggers. The most popular are the hydraulic excavators. These excavators come in four broad types, distinguished primarily by their weight and size.

Type of Hydraulic Excavator

Weight Range (Metric Ton)


Mini Excavator


Individual cab; fuel efficient; can work in small areas

Small Excavator


In cab LCD monitor; Hydraulic pressure presets

Medium Excavator


High ton/hour productivity; remote monitoring and use tracking

Large Excavator


Capable of lifting pipe and structures for sewer construction

Caterpillar excavators are equipped with treads, rather than wheels, which makes them more versatile in difficult terrain. They are also designed in such a way that the scoop and other parts can be easily removed for repair or replacement.

Hitachi Construction Machinery

Hitachi Construction Machinery is dedicated to making equipment for difficult terrain and heavy duty mining. Many Hitachi hydraulic excavators are used in mining, where they are capable of moving massive rocks and large quantities of soil. This is not to say that all Hitachi excavators are strictly for mining. There are smaller excavators, as well as large ones that are used for construction. Some of them are in fact quite small and are better suited for urban areas or smaller tasks, although they use many of the design principles that make larger Hitachi excavators popular in rough terrain.

Komatsu Equipment

After Caterpillar, Komatsu is the world's second largest manufacturer of construction equipment. Since Komatsu is based in Japan, it makes sense that they have a very large presence in Asia, although their equipment can be found all around the world. The company itself takes its name from the Japanese city of Komatsu, which is where the company was founded.

Komatsu Innovations

Komatsu is known for innovation and pushing advancement in technology for heavy equipment. An example is the fact that some Komatsu construction diggers actually make use of hybrid technology in order to save fuel. Even the hydraulic system, which is based on tried and tested technology has been made more efficient in order to save on fuel and energy costs.

Komatsu Products

Like Caterpillar, Komatsu manufactures a wide variety of excavators in various sizes. Construction digger sizes range from under a metric ton to several hundred. The larger excavators are capable of reaching dozens of meters, and lifting hundreds of kilogrammes worth of soil, rock, or other materials at one time. It should be noted that some Komatsu excavators use diesel fuel, while others use gasoline.

The Liebherr Group

Liebherr is a manufacturer based in Switzerland. For the most part, Liebherr construction diggers are massive, weighing many tons and capable of moving massive amounts of earth in a short time. Most of the largest excavators made by Liebherr use treads, but Liebherr sets itself apart from many other manufacturers by making wheeled excavators that are much larger than other wheeled excavators. Liebherr also offers a number of different attachments for their excavators, including different kinds of buckets, among many others.


Terex is another major manufacturer of construction equipment on a global scale. However, Terex does not make massive construction diggers, focusing instead on smaller ones that are better suited for urban areas that are narrow and more difficult for larger excavators to enter. These smaller excavators are quite versatile, as some have the traditional treads and others have wheels that allow them to be driven on streets if needed, while still remaining stable and functional. Terex construction diggers also feature a unique design that allows them to work in close proximity to a wall without causing any damage or suffering from any lack of mobility.

Volvo Construction Equipment

Although many people may know it better as a manufacturer of automobiles, Volvo is also one of the top manufacturers of construction equipment, including construction diggers. Volvo Construction Equipment makes a wide range of excavators, from small, compact diggers to large ones. In between are wheeled diggers that can be driven on regular roads, which may save the buyer money in transport costs, especially when attempting to get a digger into a small lot or other space.


Volvo prides itself on offering many attachments for their diggers. These attachments consist of different sizes and shapes of buckets, couplings, and teeth. The versatility allowed by these attachments makes it possible for those on a budget to find a smaller of medium sized digger that can be adapted to multiple purposes.

Buying Construction Diggers on eBay

Buying a construction digger can mean a significant investment, but for those who want to compare prices or look for a used, but serviceable digger, eBay is a good option. Sellers from many locations offer construction diggers made by many different companies and useful for many different purposes. When looking for a construction digger on eBay it is best to search using the search bar on any eBay page. A search term can be simple, like "construction digger", or far more complex depending on the needs or wishes of the potential buyer. There are many different options to choose from when searching for any type of product on eBay. It is always important to utilise the Advanced Search options to maximise your researching options. 

Be Thorough

Since many construction diggers sold on eBay are likely to be used, it is helpful to read the product description before making a purchase. This product description can not only list important features that might set one digger apart from another, it can provide details on the item's history. It is also helpful to read seller profiles and feedback in order to learn more about the sale, and to potentially find a digger for sale in a particular area, which may reduce or eliminate shipping costs.


Construction diggers are extremely important tools for the modern world, and for this reason, there are many different companies that manufacture them globally. Many of these companies have been in business for decades, and have spearheaded many of the innovations in construction digger technology. Many of these diggers offer similar features, such as fuel-efficient designs or removable attachments.

Some construction equipment manufacturers specialise in smaller construction diggers better suited for small projects or narrow urban areas, while others focus on large diggers for massive earthmoving projects. Others make a wide range of diggers, including both small diggers and larger ones. Some of these diggers use treads, which offer stability, although they are difficult to transport without a truck and trailer. Some get around this problem with wheels that allow them to drive on city streets if needed. Understanding about what features are found on different diggers made by different companies can help a buyer find exactly what they are looking for.

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