Crystal Ball Buying Guide

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Crystal Ball Buying Guide

Crystal balls are essential tools in the psychic art of scrying, also known as crystal gazing. Clear, spherical, and smooth, crystal balls are very popular with those who practise scrying, to those with a fascination of the arcane arts. Available in a range of sizes, materials, and stand options, crystal balls are readily available brand new, vintage, or antique. Considering all the crystal ball options open to you ensures you choose the right model to suit your tastes and your skills.


Crystal Ball Size

When choosing a crystal ball, it is important that you choose the correct size for your own needs. It is very much a personal choice but many people feel that a crystal ball measuring 110 mm is a good size for handling. Larger crystal balls are also popular, as they provide larger areas for visualisations to appear. For people who are beginners and use smaller crystal balls, about 60 mm in diameter, many consider this size a disadvantage. This is because smaller balls are harder to hold your gaze in and people find that they become easily distracted when gazing into the smaller balls.


Crystal Ball Material

Not all crystal balls are crystal. A solid quartz crystal ball is generally small in size, made from a single piece of stone, and usually has small flaws in it. Clear quartz is the most traditional choice for a crystal ball. Fused quartz balls or reconstituted crystal balls come from quartz and other minerals that are ground down and then reshaped into balls. They have a very clear clarity and are less expensive than solid crystal balls. Glass crystal balls, made from silica dioxide, are often very clear or may have very small air bubbles inside them. Some clairvoyants find that glass crystal balls are very difficult to read. They are inexpensive to purchase and available in a very wide range of sizes. Clear crystal balls are not the only option available, though they are the most popular, but other options include smoky quartz and rutilated quartz.


Crystal Ball Stand

Clear stands are popular for crystal balls because they do not distract from the actual crystal balls themselves. Clear crystal ball stands are available in a range of different shapes and sizes including cube, cuboid, and cylindrical. Traditional crystal ball stands have a wooden construction. These are usually short, round platforms with shallow dips in which the crystal balls rest. Oak, walnut, hazel, and willow are all popular choices for traditional crystal ball stands, and have a smooth, natural, polished finish. These stands tend to be the models of choice for those who value tradition.

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