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'Want' to listen to all the latest gossip  on the police network?

'Want' to know when your mate Mick is going to be raided by the drug squad?

Well you can ...'Want' to know that is!

In simple terms the new police radio network , otherwise known as Tetra ,cannot be monitored by any one other than The police or national security monitoring stations .Whilst nothing in the technical world is impossible this subject is strictly guarded and any company who could make a receiver aimed at public sale  which could decode a double ended encripted signal such as Tetra( which would cost about £80k) would be closed down quicker than a high street Woolies!!

Ok what about if you nicked Pc Quicknics personal radio handset ? well, for starters central control would know exactly where you are and secondly it could and would be blocked instantly .

Erm... ok what about if you bought a Tetra handset off of Ebay and gave it to your mate Dave down at the Old Toggers Pub, who we all know is an absolute genius with unblocking  bent phones and car radios,and he cracked the police network  ? Well the network would recognise a rogue radio on the net and block it instantly .

Hey what about one of those digital police scanners on ebay ? lol save your money as you wont pick up any police messages other than lots of wierd high pitched wails and squarks ..

So if you want to listen to police radio messages best option is to get arrested !! But make sure the officer who arrests you doesn't have an earphone !

Ok ...if you know the right frequencies and have the right scanner, here is a glimmer of hope for you... it is possible to watch air to ground transmissions from force helicopters ( think they are on microwave or something} and also in some counties you can also listen to uhf air to ground transmissions from air support ...

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