DVD Region Codes Explained

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I receive quite a few emails asking me to explain DVD region coding and formatting, so here we go - if you find it all a little confusing then this guide's for you!

 DVD Region Codes There are currently six region codes for DVDs that make them compatible with players sold in that area

  • Region 1 - USA, US Territories, Canada and Bermuda
  • Region 2 - UK and Europe
  • Region 3 - Southeast Asia, East Asia including Hong Kong
  • Region 4 - Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean
  • Region 5 - Former Soviet Union, Indian Subcontinent, Africa, North Korea and Mongolia
  • Region 6 - China

Codes are often abbreviated to the letter 'R' then the number, for example R2 would stand for a Region 2 disc

Region 0 - In addition to these, there is also 'All Regions' code. You should be able to play R0 discs in any region, but you must check that the DVD's format is compatible with your player (see below)

International VHS DVD Formats There are two main video formats used for DVDs

NTSC format - This is the video format used in North America and Japan. NTSC discs will not work in most DVD players in countries that use PAL, Secam or other standards

PAL format - These DVDs will work in most players in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China and parts of the Middle East

Many DVD players now support both of the main formats, but you should check which format yours supports before you buy  DVDs from regions other than your own

I hope this helps to shed a little light on the subject. I'll try and help if you have any other queries (please don't forget to vote if you find this useful!)

Lots of R2 and R0 DVDS here!

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