Do You Have Scatched Discoloured Oxidised Dull Paint?

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Paint renovator/ scratch removal/ compound cutting polish wax 4 pack

The Professionals Choice

You can buy this product from our trade secret ebay shop under Car paint renovator compound cutting polish wax

Do you want the ultimate polishing programme as used by the professionals? Then you have found the right products. Trade Secret offers leading edge performance with minimum of effort guaranteed!

How we can help you decide what stage you are at with the condition of your vehicle.

There are 6 conditions of bad paintwork- we class on a scale of 1 to 6.
(6) is scratches and heavy oxidation/totally flat paintwork
(5) Heavy oxidation and light/fine scratches
(4) Medium to heavy oxidation
(3) Light to medium oxidation
(2) Good paintwork
(1) New paintwork

We categorize our polishing products under three types of heading:
(a) Machine paint renovator
(b) Cutting/Cleaning polishes
(c) Wax-Glazing Polishes

By buying this 4 pack your paintwork is transformed from very poor stage 6 to like new finish.

see our feedback below for customer satisfaction of our trade secret direct products.

Stage 1 Active Cleaner 250ml
First you need to degrease your car so you can build the perfect foundations in stages 2,3 and 4, for the ultimate long lasting professional finish.
Incredible Cleaner !: Removes the complete range of stubborn and tenacious road traffic film and dirt. Dried/baked on flies and insects simply dissolve away !

Paint & Trim Friendly: Kind to paintwork, trim and vehicle signwriting. Will not mark or dull surfaces: totally safe cleaning action even with repeated use.

Wax Effect: Leaves paintwork clean, bright, reflective and with water beading surface enhancers.

Super Concentrated: Gives dramatic savings when pre-diluted before use (see directions on label).

Stage 2 3 G Compound 400ml

Restores oxidised or previously flatted paint or gelcoat finishes (P1200) to a gloss finish in one easy operation


    For manual or machine use
    For use on grp, painted and anodised surfaces
    Water miscible/ water soluble
    Ammonia and Silicone free
    Restores oxidised or previously flatted paint or gelcoat finishes (P1200) to a gloss finish in one easy operation
    Save 30% of other manufacturers
    Why pay crazy prices when this product will do the ultimate job for you with a massive money saving.

Stage 3 Paint Renovater & Fine Compound 400ml


Specially Developed: In conjunction with Major Motor Manufacturers, MPR 2000 at last offers the paint industry and vehicle detailers/valetors a product which completely removes denibbing/flatting paint scratches permanently with no re-appearance.

Superfine Non-Cosmetic Action: Does not hide scratches with oil but removes scratches completely.

Produces: A superlative high gloss enhanced finish.

Ideal for: blending-in, matching of gloss levels and general paint restoration.

For use on: All automotive paint systems including water based, high solid, single component and 2-pack, acrylic, cellulose, synthetic and OEM finishes.

Low Fling Formula: Especially when used `dry’ any residues easily washed off trim with water.

Built in Lubricants: Extend life of foam mop and assist in a smoother – easier running of the pad without leaving a greasy film.

Approved: Ammonia and Silicone Free – Paintable !
Health & Safety: Silica Free. Non flammable

Stage 4 Cutting Polish 400ml

Genuine Triple Action Cutting Polish Wax
400ml Size

The ultimate one step paint renovator and polish to remove fine scratches and produce deep gloss wax finish. This product can be used wet or dry.

At Trade Secret we have harnessed this unique state of the art fast and easy triple action professional polish. This combines rapid cleaning and colour restoration with deep wax gloss shine. Combined to give a friendly water based environmentally friendly, low odour and no silicones.

Cutting Polish Specification

    Brilliant wax polish for boat, Car, Bike, Caravan etc
    For new or old products
    Rapid And Easy Cleaning
    Deep colour restoration with Deep gloss shine
    Can be applied by hand or machine
    Free from wax and silicone oils
    Low odour
    500ml size

      Well after stage 4 you can stand back and admire your great work,  just as if a professional had done it. Why pay crazy valet prices when you can trade secret it! If you wanted to add our very popular carnauba polish after stage 4 for that long lasting luxury finish. We have a special offer below with no extra postage costs!

If you wanted to apply a luxury polish after stage 4 we can offer our carnauba polish. This is available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre. As a special offer to customers who buy this 4 pack we will not charge you any extra for postage, just add the following values to your pay pal payments and don't forget to remind us in your pay pal notes what size you require.
Carnauba 250ml Add this amount £2.99 to your pay pal amount and tell us in your notes 500ml Carnauba size
Carnauba 500ml Add this amount £4.99 to your pay pal amount and tell us in your notes 500ml Carnauba size
Carnauba 1 litre Add this amount £9.99 to your pay pal amount and tell us in your notes 1 litre Carnauba size
Please note these carnauba prices are only available to customers who buy this 4 pack restorer.

If you require any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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