Dog & Puppy Behavioural Training Collar - Vibration

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We bought one of these dog training collars after watching an Episode of Dog Borstal, apprently where Dogs with most Behavioural Issues go to...

Very impressed with these, as the way you use it to train your dog is completely up to you and flexible.

For example I would reccoment using a training collar to achieve the following:

1. Constant Barking - Use the vibration collar when dog begins to show signs of a bark, say when someone knocks at the door

2. When you have a new born baby, and are worried about the safety/how the dogs will get on. When the dogs approach your newborn, dont use the remote vibration straight away, let them get familiar and when they get 'too friendly' or get too close, you can use the vibration to deter them along with a vocal such as 'back!'. After a few attempts the same result cna be achieved by simply shouting back and you can stop using the training collar

3. When you take dog for a walk, and dog is mis-behaving, becsue of the remote range, you can use it to call the dog back with athe built in whistle or buzz if appropriate.

4. Remember to use a vocal when you use the buzz on the vibration collar, so your dog begins the associate bad deeds with the vocal command too. And most importantly when dog gets it right, TREAT HIM/HER !! Otherwise they have nothing to look forward to for doing something correct!

There are so many ways to use these, i would reccomend 100% as it makes your life easier, and more advanced training can also be done, depending how much time you want to invest using one of these.

I'm no dog trainer but within a very short time we have now trainied two of our dogs using these to stop barking when someone walks past the house, stop get over fiendly with visitors, to call back when let off the lead, + more little essentials! considering they were intially rehomed by previous owners due to behavioural issues!!! Im well chuffed.

For as little as £19.95 you can get one in our ebay shop! Feed us back how you get on, and any interesting ways to train your dog.

These are one of the most humane training aids, I dont think you need to use harsh and dangerous electric shock collars, vibration is a mild deterant which is most effective!

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