Doing a cleanse with Oxypowder

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The following is intended as a guide only, and is based on personal experience, as well as feedback from our customers. If you are still unsure how to take Oxy-Powder after reading the Oxyhealth guide below, then please see the links at the bottom of the page.

The Initial Cleanse

The Oxypowder capsules, once taken, will liquidize the contents of your upper and lower colon, as well as start to work on any compaction that is present. The capsules are best taken nightly, before bed, as to give the capsules the benefit of a slow passage through the colon. This way, the slow release capsules can have a better chance of working on the compaction, and should have finished their job by the time you wake.
Remember that Oxypowder is not the same as a laxative. You will not lose any control over your bowels, or have the jittery side effects that laxatives can bring on. Once you have visited the toilet in the morning , you can go about your normal day, be it work or other activities, and when you need the toilet, it will be the same feeling as any other time. We would however recommend you try Oxypowder for the first time over a weekend, to familiarize yourself with how the product works, and how many toilet visits you need.

The instructions on the bottle state that you should start off slowly, on 1 capsule, and then ‘as needed’ increase this until you are having 3 – 5 bowel movements a day. The usual dosage for most people is around 4 - 6 capsules, although your weight, size, compaction, acidity in the stomach etc can all have added effects that may need you to increase of decrease this amount.The easiest way to determine your serving amount of capsules for a cleanse is to judge for yourself how you feel your bowel movement went. The idea is for the bowel movement to be almost pure liquid. It should almost be like passing water. If the contents of your movement are still semi-solid, then this is when you should increase the dosage by 2 capsules. Once the movement is a watery liquid, then this is your dosage for the 7 day cleanse. Your 7 day cleanse only starts after the 1st day where you are passing liquid. Any days previous to this where your movements are semi solid do not count.

You may find you need to designate a little longer for your morning toilet visit. This way, you will eliminate the need to make a few frequent visits within the first hour of waking. Because the contents of your colon have been turned to gas and liquid, there will occasionally be airlocks that form in your colon (similar to your Central Heating, but without the little tap to help!!). By spending a little longer at the toilet after your first movement, you will give your bowels a chance to move the airlock, and allow more liquid to pass. It may also help to stretch upwards whilst being seated, which can also help release any airlocks that may be present. You will find that your first bowel movement is the biggest, releasing nearly all your colon contents. After this , you will perhaps go 2 or 3 times during the day, but these will be much less, especially if you have taken our advise to remain on the toilet a little longer for the first visit of the day.

Remember to drink plenty of water to help flush your colon and keep you hydrated during the cleanse. It is also worth noting that the Oxypowder can only liquify the compaction in your colon once it has liquefied the food that is present from your daily meals. Having a colon full of hard to digest food will hinder the Oxypowder's effectiveness, as it needs to break down all the food matter before getting onto the compaction. Our advice is to eat sensible foods that are easy to digest during the 7 day cleanse, and avoid things like red meats, pasta, bread etc that may hinder the cleansing process. We don't mean you should starve yourself, or eat like a rabbit, but eating sensibly and being aware of what you are trying to achieve will help you get the best results from the cleanse.


Once you have completed the 7 day cleanse, you will want to drop onto the maintenance programme. The bottle states that this is the same dosage that you were taking for the 7 day cleanse, and should be taken every other day. We have found that in order for things to slowly firm up again, and become less liquid, you may need to reduce your maintenance dose gradually, by taking 1 less capsule every other day, until you are having soft solid bowel movements. Once you have achieved this, you should remain on this dosage. I.e. If you were taking 6 capsules per day for the 7 day cleanse, you would take this amount every other day for your maintenance dose. You may then need to reduce this to 5 capsules every other day and then 4 capsules every other day etc in order to start passing soft bowel movement. The idea with the maintenance programme is to keep your cleansed colon in the same shape it is now in, by cleansing it every other day and keeping things running smoothly, rather than slowly build up to how it was before. The maintenance dose is really up to you. You can either use some capsules every other day , or just use a couple every day to keep things moving.  Some people dont actaully do the maintenance programme, and simply do the cleanse every month or so, as they find this easier to manage. Find whats best for you.

You can purchase Oxypowder from our website at, and gain loyalty points and quantity discounts, or if you prefer, you can purchase from our ebay store at

Here are some customer comments from recent users you may find encouraging. These are all genuine reviews from UK customers of ours. There are more to read on our website:

Product that changed my life

I have been taking this product for six months now and I wish I had found this thirty years ago! After years of laxatives, antacids and colonics, this course of tablets cured all my problems. I started with two and worked up to a maximum of four a night. This product saved my life! No more bloating, spastic colon, constipation or any other problems - I will never go without this product again even though I could quite easily! If there is only one new product you try this year, make it this one! Oh and I lost one and a half stone, just shows you how full of @% we all are! :-)


Will use this for the rest of my life. When I reached my twenties my bowel became rather sluggish, and I've always had problems with bloating especially when eating sugary foods or wheat. Before the only choice I had to stop the bloating was to cut out these foods which is practically impossible. This product really helps, and during the times when I'm not using it my bowels have never been more regular.

Energised and Motivated

This has given me the boost to be more energetic and has dropped pounds from me. It has made me feel lighter and better knowing the I'm cleansing inside and out.

So simple

What an amazing product. Just a few caps daily and I really feel a whole lot lighter. For anyone who has ever struggled with constipation, this is the answer and even better, there is no stomach cramping! Perfect.

Please buy this!

If you buy one thing this year please buy this, I have been using this since 2004, I use it once a month(on a sunday when i am near the loo LOL) i take 6-7 cap's saturday night and by sunday morning they are working,by evening i feel really really clean and not at all sluggish, there are no side effects but you must drink at least 2 litres of water more if possible. i have had colonic irrigation and this product is 100% better, safer and you are in control. i can honestly recommend this.

If you are still unsure how to use Oxypowder, please consult GHCHealth direct, by emailing then at or contact us at You can also read a full review at

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