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Easy Sky+ box fix -  Follow these very simple instructions to fix your Sky box if:

  • it wont switch on or becomes unresponsive
  • shows "no signal" and a message telling you to contact sky or visit the sky web site when you know there actually is a signal  there.
Don't buy a new box or call an engineer! No more wasted time on Sky Helpline or engineers call out charges.
One day my sky+ HD box wouldn't switch on. I spent two hours on the sky helpline, and the solution they gave me ended up losing all my data, and taking twice as long as the simple fix that sky don't tell you.
So is your Skybox plus is giving you problems? If your sky box won't turn on then follow these easy steps, Don't waste hours on the help line again!  
If the green light on your skybox will not turn on and stays red (or amber), or you get an on-screen error/technical message, then your box simply needs a "soft" re-set.  Sky don't tell you about this one because there are 5 things to tell you, the usually go straight for the "nuclear" option that loses all your data.

The one sky don't tell you: (fix for "f
alse no-signal or wont-switch-on" problems)
This will keep all your saved programmes and data - so always try this first


1. First unplug the sky box from the mains

2. wait at least one minute.

3. As you plug the socket back in press the BACKUP button on the box at the same time (not on the remote) and hold it.

4. Wait until all the lights come on the front of the box. then release button

5. Wait a full 10 minutes or until the lights go out then switch on from the remote.

After about a minute of showing the message "SEARCHING FOR LISTINGS", it should come back on to full service. (do not skip the 10 minutes, you will see the message on your TV. (Do NOT do anything in between or else you will lose all your saved programmes and recordings)
The above fix works 99% of the time when your box randomly won't switch on, becomes unresponsive, or packs up after a power cut or storm. 
Note: you may need to try the remote a couple of times at step 5. Be patient and wait at least the full 10 minutes even if the lights have gone out.

B. The one sky helpline will probably tell you:   2 steps and wait.

WARNING: You will lose all your saved programmes, recordings and data with this method. It also takes longer.  So only use this as a last resort

1. Unplug the box from the mains plug for at least 2 to 3 minutes.

2. Press and hold the buttons either side of the select button on your sky box while you plug the socket back into the mains.

After 20-30 seconds the light will change colour and you have to wait around 20 minutes till it goes back to red. Then press TV guide to see if it is working.
This resets all the hard drive settings and formats the sky box HDD and will almost always solve your problem

Important Note:
Power cuts etc. can often force sky boxes to go unresponsive, and sometimes they just randomly refuse to turn on.  Another cause can be when the hard drive (HDD) is nearly full of recordings. Anywhere  from 15% to 3% remaining on the drive and the box may refuse to switch on.  This happened to me when I forgot I'd left a series record set, it filled up the drive, and the green light wouldn't come on until I'd reset the box. 
Many people assume the sky box has packed up, and buy a new one, or call an engineer when all that's needed is a reset.

These tips do work 100% of the time unless something serious has failed inside the box, in which case you would probably have no light on the front at all.
Try these two fixes first - you may have to repeat them once or twice, but the idea is to save you a lot of money and get you back watching Sky in minutes, without wasting time on the helpline or paying for an engineers visit.

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(It might be useful to print this page out and leave it under your sky box for future reference too!)

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