Extra Large Ironing Board Cover - Correct Measuring

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Extra Large Ironing Board Cover - Correct Measuring


Ironing is one of those household jobs that is a chore to some, yet can be quite therapeutic to others. Whether you love it or hate it, it's difficult to avoid completely - a bit like washing up dishes.
When needing to buy a new cover for your extra large ironing board, there is a technique in determining the correct measurements of your board. The last thing you want is to unwrap a new cover from its packaging only to find that the cover doesn’t fit!

Correct Measuring

One of the keys to making ironing more effective and, dare we say, more enjoyable, is to make sure your ironing board has a snug fitting cover in good condition. You may not realise, but there is no standard ironing board size. In fact they vary enormously in dimensions.
You may have what you consider to be a large ironing board, but in other households your ironing board would be looked upon as being small. Regardless of board size, to produce successful ironing it is important that your ironing board cover fits neatly, has no creases or lumps and provides you with a flat even surface.
Whenever you replace your ironing board cover, it is important you get the correct size of cover.
Whether your need is for a small, medium, large or extra ironing board cover, if you follow this formula it will ensure that you acquire the correct size for your ironing board.
First, carefully measure the length of your ironing board at its longest point. This means along the actual ironing board surface. Then measure the width of the ironing board at it widest point. Again, we mean the actual ironing board surface. This will give you the length and width measurement of your ironing board surface.
We now need to make an allowance for the cover to be drawn under the ironing board.
So, next you measure the depth of your ironing board. By this we mean the depth of the side of the ironing board surface. This will normally only be an inch or so. Once you have this depth measurement, multiply it by two and add that figure to your length measurement and also add it to your width measurement.
This new length and width measurement, enhanced by twice the depth measurement, is the minimum size of extra large ironing board cover that you need.
Another tip is to use felt underlay underneath your ironing board cover. This is usually supplied as one large piece of felt which can be cut to the required size. The underlay absorbs heat and will help give a much better finish to ironed garments.
When you buy your  extra large ironing board cover, of the correct size of course, why not get some felt underlay too? This will help to give you optimal results from your ironing efforts whether they be a chore or a therapy!
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