FITMENT GUIDE/INFO, ALLOY WHEELS easy to buy wrong ones

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I thought I would write this guide to help anyone who is unsure whether or not alloys wheels advertised on ebay will fit your motor or not, or the various other information tyres sizes, rolling radious, offsets, speed rating  etc.

Alloys wheels can be excellent value on ebay and a huge saving over the new price, however there are lots of pitfuls and hidden sizes jargen etc you'd never think of until its too late and they don't fit properly, that is usully why a lot of people buy new wheels of shops suppilers to assure perfect fitment but with information below you shouldnt go far wrong.

There are three main things to check and ask the seller when buying alloys, a lot of sellers may not put this information on as it can be very confusing or may not even know it as there wheels sold to fit a pasific car when bought new so the shop only would know the sizes.

please be aware this is only basicly outlining processes it can be found in more depth from various profesional source textbooks, mechanics shops etc, but I will explain the general concept below.


 firsty is how many studs 4 or 5 studs bolts or stud holes, that hold wheels on and there are 2  main sizes 108 pcd and 100 pcd (pcd is pitch circle diameter the diameter on the stud hole) most cars are 100 pcd but some are 108 pcd mostly fords and peugeots most other cars are 100 pcd, some cars have other rarer pcds i.e 112 audi a4, 98 fiats and so on, as long as the pcd is correct they will fit even if the offset is well off which is how some sellers will say they fit but may not drive well on car at all.


 the offset this is very important each manufacturer has a different offset measurement the offset is basicly the distance from the hub of wheel to the mounting point of the hub surface mounting on car, the smaller the offset the more the wheels will pertrude into the arches the bigger the offset the more the will intrude and possibly rub on suspention mountings and brakes lines say if you fitted a 45 offset to a 20 offset car, very confusing I know its not just a case of fitting any wheel to any car as i learnt the hard way when I was srating out, if the offsets incorrect you can mess up the tracking geometery, and it may cause the car to tramline into cambered roads handling badly and moving a lot in crosswinds, and sometimes shakeing and and flexing through car and steering rack. If you stay close to manufacturers recommendations you should be fine but make sure all vauxhalls definalty have 49 mm offset or youll have very bad time in cross winds with tramlineing and bad handling.


 If the alloys are bigger than standerd it can put the speedo rating out and cause a awful ride(fidegty very bumpy) and strange hanlding if you go too big i.e over 17's on a small car i.e saxo, but if you keep the size simaler to original wheel size diameter including tyre then it sould be fine, this is known as rolling radius the time it takes for the wheel to do a revolution the distance from centre of  wheel to outer of tyre

for example

as long as your tyres is lower profile each time you increase size of rim over standerd it will still be the same size or similar within 2 inches as original wheel and tyres say a 15 inch wheel has a profile of 60 if you go up to 16 inch the profile will go down to 50 or 45 then  for 17 inch 40 or 45 and 18 40 35 andso on. (please be aware the lower the profile the harsher the ride will get usully 50 profile  is best compromise) but thats the pay off for better handling and having biggers wheels and better looks.

I will also explain what the measurement on the tyre sidewalls mean, you will proberly know anyway but thought id list it anyway

eg 195/45 r 16 80v

195 means width ot tyre in mm

45 this is aspect ratio or profile of the tyre or sidewall height to relation to tyre width expressed as a percentage in this case 45% so 45% of 195mm == 88mm or height of sidewall from edge of the locating bead to top of tread

r radial

16 wheel diameter in inches

80 load index (lbs)

v speed rating

speed ratings

t up to 118 mph

h up to 130 mph

v up to150 mph

y up to 186mph etc etc


a lot of cars have similar offsets, i have some sizes off popular cars below


audi a3 5x100 pcd - offset38  

audi a4 5x112 pcd offset 38

tt 5x100  offset  38

bmw e30 4x100 pcd 35 offset

e30 m35x120 pcd 27 offset

bmw e36 4-door and coupe 5 x 120 pcd 42 offset

citroen ax gt 3x98 pcd 14 offset

citroen ax gti 4x108 pcd 20 offset

saxo 3x98 pcd 14 offset

saxo vtr / vts 4x108 pcd 16 offset

citroen xsara 4x 108 pcd offset 19

daihatsu charade gti 4x100 pcd 45 offset


ford focus 4x 108  offset 52

fiat seicento+cinquecento 4x98 - offset 36

fiat uno 4x98 45 offset

fiat punto4x98 40 offset

bravo 4x98 pcd offset43

fiat coupe 4x98 40 offset

all ford are 108 pcd in list below

ford ka +fiesta mk2 +mk3 4x108 pcd offset 41

ford puma 36 offset

ford escort mk3-6 36-41 offset

ford focus 52 offset

sierra 40 offset

mondeo 41-49 offset

probe  115.3 pcd 40offset

vw all vws 4x 100 pcd are 38 offset i.e polo golf mk2 /some mk3, corrado, jetta etc

honda civic 91-95 and 95-00 and crx 93+ are 4x100pcd 45 offset

hondaprelude 92-97 4x114.3 pcd 50 offset

hyundi coupe 96+ 4x114.3 45 offset

lancia delta 4x98 pcd 42 offset

mazda 323 89-94 + mx3 are 4x100pcd 45 offset

mazda 323 80-89 114.3 pcd 45 offset

mazda mx5 5x100pcd 35 offset

mazda mx6 5x114.3 pcd 42 offset

rx7 5x114.3 pcd 42 offset

mitsubishi lancer evo 1-3 + IV-VI 5x114.3 pcd 45-46 offset


nissan almera 4x100pcd  45 offset

nissan 200sx 95- 4x114.3 pcd 40 offset 45 offset -95 model

300ZX 5X114.3PCD 23 OFFSET


peugeot all 108 pcd

106 small arch 3x98 pcd 20 offset

106- 16 offset

205- 19-28 offset

206- 34 offset

306+309- 19 offset

406 19 offset

renult models listed 4x100pcd

clio+ reno 19- 42 offset


megane 36 offset

rover 200 old and new 4x100pcd 40 offset50 offset

600 4x114.3 pcd

seat ibiza/coroba 93+-45 offset

subaru impretza+legacy 5x100pcd 55 offset

suzuki swift 4x 114.3 pcd 45 offset

toyota mr2 mk2 5x 114.3 pcd 37 offset

mr2 mk1 + corolla 97+ corola 92-97 4x100pcd 45 offset

supra 86-93 5x100pcd 37 offset

supra 93+ 5x114.3 pcd 50 offset

toyota celica 90-00 models 5x100pcd39-45

vauxhall nova, corsa, astra mk2 3 and 4 caviler, calibra all 4x100pcd 49 offset

vectra 5x110 49 offset

citroen saxo vtr/s 4x108 pcd 16 offset

you can see even on similar models and within a brand sizes can vary a lot, easy to buy wrong sizes hence why wheels usully go cheap second hand, even on the same make off wheels manufacturer, i.e  for example all toyotas wont nessicererly fit all the range off toyotas they can vary in pcd and offsets,

also ask the seller what model it was fitted to as different manufacters have different spigot ring the ring that clicks onto wheels to make it fit onto hub tightly, sometimes you may have to buy them seperatly for around 15 quid as ones for vw seat wont be the same as a result for instance

not got listings for vans 4x4's and people carriers or commercial vehicles



If this review helps one person from buying the wrong wheels for their car i will be pleased as I wasted a lot of time and money if i'd just researched a bit i could have found out few simple rules, hope this review helps would very much appreiciate you time in rating review so i know its helped you or not.

please dont hold me responsible for any information written its only my advice but found out from professional sources.

If you need any tips on suspention/lowering I have a guide on that too that may be of use :)




.. Thanks so much for rating these guides 'helpful' - thanks a lot for your messages asking for help and how useful you found the guide, I tried my best it nice to know its helps people, theres so many nice people on ebay




all best good luck - britman

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