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Sadly ebay is home to alot of sellers selling fragrances with Fake Brand names, Opened items Testers, watered down concoctions and coloured water (corny but true).

The majority of these fakes have been coming out of China (or Singapore) and other sellers posing to be UK sellers but really are located in Asia.  These sellers are known for taking your money and running (no one can track them because there in another country) - There are also tons of them in the UK

Perfumes are officially obtained from the EU or the USA - NOT ASIA OR CHINA

It is pretty easy to spot out this scam - the same code applies to all other items being sold on the internet. Here are a few ways that you can spot them out,

1. The listing is from China or any asian country

2. They have many of the same listing over and over again with the same pictures from different sellers.

3. They have private feedback (they do this because of people leaving feedback about being scammed)

4. They have ridiculously low selling prices, if the 'perfume shop' is selling a fragrance for £30 and a seller is selling for £10 there must be a good reason

5. There is no returns policy

6. Don't be fooled by sellers being verified, a powerseller, and or having an about me page!

7. Nine times out of ten, the product is in the wrong category

8. If you are still not sure about the authenticity of a product, ask the sellers specific questions

9. Read the titles and descriptions carefully, testers are very easy to fake because there usually in plain packaging

10. Overseas imports can be determined from the price of the perfume and the barcode on the packaging (usually at the base)  If a seller is accounting 20% tax in the listing....usually they will be UK sourced.  The number above the barcode is the batch and serial number where authenticy can be verified

I have had some experience buying products on ebay and selling in a retail store 

I once ordered a particular fragrance and saw that an ebay seller was selling for much less then my wholesaler (perfume retailed for £16.99...seller sold for £8.99)  The description of the item stated 'new, authentic and sealed'

When the package arrived I was shocked to find the item unsealed, the packaging had no serial or barcode, the fragrance didnt even smell of anything and the bottle was shaped differently - it was like coloured water and the seller never responded to a single email.  I checked the product with my wholesaler - I was 100% fake!!!!  I wasted my time and money. 

Be careful when buying fragrances on ebay, make sure the seller can quote serial numbers and offer a returns policy

Fakes can look extremely convincing until you open the box.  Fake fragrances often have different bottle shapes and the logos on the bottles are cheaply printed and often faded - or have areas missing.  The colour of the fragrance can also be different

On top of that most sellers use stock photos so you cant see the bottle or packaging

Be very careful buying testers and perfumes that are minus packaging.  There are no barcodes to verify authenticity on such items and many come from overseas.

Please just be safe on Ebay, check the products and use common sense

-Subraj Direct

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PLEASE READ: It appears that the scammers are the only people who are not finding this guide helpful. This scam is effecting 100's of people daily. Please vote "Yes" for this guide below to help others from getting scammed and making the Ebay community even better!

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