Fabric Bed Frame Buying Guide

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Fabric Bed Frame Buying Guide

For most, a bedroom is a sanctuary and the bed is the most important piece of furniture in the room. When designing a bedroom, the emphasis should be placed on comfort since so much time in the room is spent sleeping. A bed frame is the part of a bed that holds the mattress. It may also include siderails, a headboard, and a footboard or they may be purchased separately. A fabric bed frame is both functional, stylish, and comfortable. It offers looks and features that are unmatched by traditional bed frames. A perfect fabric or upholstered bed frame can transform the entire bedroom giving it a sophisticated, modern look. Fabric bed frames can be purchased at a variety of venues including DIY shops, home furnishing shops, and online at eBay. Before purchasing a fabric bed frame, consumers should consider bed sizes, styles, materials, colours, and a possible need for assembly.

Fabric Bed Frame Size

Fabric bed frames come in various sizes based off of the size of the mattress planned for the bed. Sizes range from single, double, king, and super king size mattresses. One of the most important considerations in purchasing a fabric bed frame is determining which size bed and mattress would be best for a room. The buyer should base the mattress size off of the number of people using the room, the size of the room, and personal preference. If the room is small, a large bed may be overwhelming. There needs to be enough space for other bedroom furniture. To determine if there is space for a fabric bed frame, use a tape measure to measure out the dimensions of the beds.

Type of Bed

Measurements (cm)

Small Single Size

76 x 190

Single Size

90 x 190

Small Double Size

122 x 190

Double Size

137 x 190

King Size

150 x 200

Super King Size

183 x 200

Buyers may use the chart above for approximate measurement sizes for the various mattress sizes. Keep in mind that this chart does not take into consideration any extra space taken up by headboards or footboards that may be a part of some fabric bed frames.


A single-sized fabric bed frame may be best for a single individual, a smaller room, or for children. Beds generally take up a lot of space, but the smaller fabric bed frame works where space is limited. A single size fabric bed frame may also be appropriate for a children’s bedroom. Since the bed frame is covered in fabric, it has fewer sharp corners than the typical wood or metal frame.


A double size fabric bed frame is comfortable for one, but offers enough space for two people. This size mattress would work for a guest bedroom and also as a larger bed for children. This fabric bed frame takes up more space than a single size frame so it would work better in a larger room.


A king size fabric bed frame is a good option for the master bedroom since it comfortably sleeps two people. The king size fabric bed frame takes up a good amount of space.

Super King

The super king size fabric bed frame is the epitome of luxury and brings comfort to a new level. The buyer has to keep in mind that this size fabric bed frame takes up a lot of space but the super king size mattress more than comfortably sleeps two people.

Fabric Bed Frame Style

Choosing the style of a fabric bed frame is entirely based on personal preference and the design of the bedroom. Since the bed is the focal point in every bedroom, the style of the bed frame sets the tone for the room. Fabric bed frame styles range from simple to elaborate. Some of the common differences in style are the presence and absence of headboards, footboards, and storage features.

No Headboard

A fabric bed frame without a headboard offers a very simplistic look. It also gives the buyer the opportunity to direct the focal point to another area of the room. For example, the buyer may add art or curtains to draw less attention to the bed. Buyers that want their bedrooms to have a modern minimalist look should choose a fabric bed frame without a headboard.


The headboard is the statement-making piece of the bed and becomes the focus of the bedroom. The fabric headboard is padded and generally consists of the same fabric that covers the rest of the bed frame. Some headboards are overstuffed to create a more dramatic, heavily padded look. Headboards range in height, colour, and shape. Depending upon the style choice, the headboard can make the whole room appear more sleek, modern, and finished. Headboards may also be purchased separately.


Sleigh beds are the style of bed with both a headboard and footboard. Both the headboard and footboard often have a slight curve so that the bed resembles a sleigh, which gives it its name. This sleigh bed style fabric bed frame offers a dramatic and elegant look for a bedroom. The footboard also may keep sheets and comforters from falling off the bed and provide a cosy feel. This style bed may be better for larger rooms since it offers a bold presence.


Some fabric bed frames offer utility along with comfort and style. Buyers who lack storage space should look into purchasing a fabric bed frame with storage.. The storage feature is often in the form of drawers and ottoman storage underneath the bed. This is helpful for those lacking closet and drawer space. A fabric bed frame with storage is also a good choice for buyers with smaller rooms.

Fabric Bed Frame Material

Fabric bed frames are made from various materials. A fabric bed frame is typically made of wood that is then covered with an upholstered fabric. Larger beds also may contain bed posts and centre support. The buyer should pay attention to the type of wood from which the bed frame is made, and ensure that it is a strong wood. Another consideration is the type of mattress support; some bed frames require box springs while others do not. Some of the popular upholstered fabrics include faux leather, chenille, suede, vinyl, and linens. Buyers should consider fabric’s impact on the appearance in the room.

Fabric Bed Frame Colour

The colour of the fabric bed frame is based off of the upholstered fabric.  Popular colours range from black, cream, charcoal, and brown. Since the bed frame is covered with an upholstered fabric, the colour options are endless. Some manufacturers allow the buyer to design their own fabric bed frame by choosing the fabric type and colour. The buyer should consider room decor and linens when choosing the colour of the fabric bed frame.

Fabric Bed Frame Assembly

Buyers should keep in mind that most fabric bed frames require assembly. When ordering a fabric bed frame online, the bed frame typically arrives in a few different boxes.

How to Buy a Fabric Bed Frame on eBay

Now that you are aware of the sizes, styles, materials, and colours available, it is time to find the perfect fabric bed frame for your bedroom. eBay offers thousands of options with bed styles ranging from simple to ornate. You can begin your search for a fabric bed frame through the use of keywords entered into the search box found on any eBay page. The keywords entered can be as broad or specific as the search for your fabric bed frame requires. To get the most results, simply enter "fabric bed frame&" into the search box.

The buyer can narrow these results by selecting a variety of options, such as "price range". If the buyer knows which type of fabric bed frame they are looking to purchase, they can perform a specific search. For example, if the buyer is looking for a bed with a headboard the buyer can enter into the search box "fabric bed frame with headboard&". Specific searches yield fewer results but they are more on target with what the buyer wants to purchase.


There are many different factors to take into account when choosing a fabric bed frame. It is important that the buyer researches the different styles, materials, and colours available to maximise comfort and aesthetics in the bedroom. The size of the bed should be chosen based on the number of people using the bed, the space in the room, and comfort preference. The style of the bed is based on the personal preference and needs of the buyer. Purchasing a fabric bed frame gives any bedroom a chic, contemporary look.

The bed is both the focal point and the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, and arguably, one of the most important purchases in a home. Many hours are spent relaxing and sleeping in a bedroom so it is worth investing the time in choosing the perfect fabric bed frame. Unlike a mattress, a quality fabric bed frame could last a lifetime. Although the bed is an expensive purchase, it is used daily and lasts for a very long time. With many different styles, the buyer has the opportunity to select the fabric bed frame that meets the needs of the bedroom and the lifestyle of the buyer.