Fake Copy Sennheiser G2 Wireless Mic Mics EW100 Series

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Fake Sennheiser G2 Wireless mic systems

In the last few years the market has been flooded with fake microphones - literally housands of Shure SM57's SM58's incl the beta range, Beta 57, 58 & 87's

It seems that Sennheiser is the latest to fall to the counterfeiters!
Earlier this year (09) I bought 2 x G2 Sennheiser radio mic sets on ebay.

Although almost identical to what I have had before from authorised dealers, they seem to be copies – if not they are definitely not as well engineered as USA/Germany units and certainly not distributed by UK Sennheiser suppliers.

They are very clever copies but can be verified if yo actually take them to pieces - see below.
You ideally have to compare the product with a ‘real one’ to tell. Although they work, there is a difference in audio quality and a few factors below where the copy does not quite stand up.
One thing is that a real G2 system (whether lapel or hand held) the G2 system retails in the UK for around 450 + VAT – just look on the CPC site

Here are a few pointers to help..... in no particular order!!
1. The label on the rear of the beltpack transmitter has 'Assembied' not Assembled written on it.
2. The audio meter on the beltpack didn't show any level, and the yellow peak light didn't light when overloaded. (Lapel)
3. The audio meter on the Hand held unit didn't show any level at all whilst the mic was in operation.
4. The serial numbers do not match Sennheiser products..
5. The PSU label was shiny, with rounded corners but the originals are matt black with square corners.
6. The tie clip mic was nothing like the real Sennheiser ME 4, not  round at the top and the plug was silver not the all black molded plug of the original, plus the tie clip itself was the wrong type.
7. All hand held units come from Sennheiser with a coloured ‘ring’ denoting which capsule is fitted. i.e Green, Blue or Red. These seem to have a ‘black’ ring.
8. Audio meter on the receiver is sluggish compared with the usual item.
9. When the hand held unit is unscrewed to expose the battery compartment the threads are nowhere near as well engineered as my original Sennheiser products.
10.The tiny ‘down’ button was reluctant to work on the handheld unit.
11. The sound quality was definately inferior, there was considerable background hiss whenever used the mic.
12. The 'squelch' setting was ineffective (adjusting it made no difference, it appeared to be fixed on high even though the LCD showed it changing).
13. The manual was printed on poor quality paper with a matt card cover and thin pages.

Regarding the hand held unit........ if you remove the basket and inspect the capsule, on a genuine EW100 the capsule is easily removable by unscrewing a small screw by the battery compartment and simply pulling the capsule out. On the fake the capsule is hard wired to the transmitter module at the bottom of the mic body, some just pushed into its housing but apparently some are also glued in.  You can only be sure it’s a fake if you inspect the capsule (and how long before the counterfeiters get this detail as well?) Thanks to sam.spoons & Sennheiser for this above wiring detail.

I have tried to find out whether or not these are actually made under license in China which may explain the near identical components – but lesser attention to detail – with wiring differences???? … either way they are not made with the same precision as the USA/German factories.

The functionality on these copies is half reasonable but the systems will find it hard to bear up in pro-audio situations especially with dysfunctional displays etc.
I would recommend that these units are used for Karaoke or similar and I would certainly not pay more than £100 for a set knowingly!!

I have not seen a guitar system but my guess is that there must be just as many out there.
Hope this helps - don't get had!!


(sound engineer)