Fake perfumes on eBay

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How to avoid buying fake perfumes on eBay

Recently I had have my fingers burnt, buying from a seller who specializes in selling fake perfumes (if you want to know who that is, check the feedbacks I'd left for others).  So I'd decided to write this guide.  It is by no means fool-proof, i.e. you may still get your fingers burned after following the rules I'd set out in this guide, but at least the chance should have been lowered.  It is annoying to get robbed by these crooks and lose credibility because these crooks have no qualms about giving you negative feedbacks, worse still is that you might end up exposing yourself to unknown chemicals that could be harmful to yourself and your loved ones.  So watch out!!!

Simple Tactics, High Returns

The tactic is simple.  Like many others they sell a large number of eBooks for a very low price to build up a reputation in a very short time.  Get the buyer to pay using non Paypal online payment website so that the buyer can't get eBay to chase after the seller for refund.  And when they get negative feedbacks they put on more eBooks for sales, so that the negative feedback get "washed" away to the second page.

Signs to Watch Out For

(1) Wrongly Spelled Product Names 

So you think you spotted someone making a mistake in their listing and you're going to grab a bargain?  Wait a second, let's look at the seller's listing - is he/she selling a large number of the same product?  Brand New In Box (BNIB)?  If they are why don't they try to correct it so that they may make better profits?  Let's think this way - if you have bought a Chanel bag, would you tell you friends you have bought a Chunnel bag.  No you wouldn't.  Same applies to the sellers.

These counterfeit sellers deliberately spell the products name wrong, so that they can get away from the IP police on eBay.  They don't do that so that you may make a bargain.  They do it so that they may fool eBay and you.

(2) Mass sellers of popular perfumes BNIB with negative feedbacks

Definitely check out those negative feedbacks using websites that harvest negative feedbacks of a seller and display them all on one page.  That would save you a lot of trouble and money.  Slow shipping is fine.  Report about fake items and leaky products?  Do NOT buy!!  Comments about perfume does not last is also a common warning sign.

As we all know it is cheaper, per unit wise, to mass produce.  Same applies to counterfeiters.  They want to achieve sales.  And they want to increase profits.  What can be better than to counterfeit popular perfumes that generate great sales?  So what constitutes a popular perfume?  Fashion house releases are popular because many people would get to know the product via fashion magazines and advertisements.  Recent releases are also popular because many people would want the latest, and there are fewer unwanted gifts to go around so many more will be looking to buy a new BNIB product.  Some you should watch out for are: Chanel, Issey Miyake, Lacoste, Vera Wang, Lolita Lempicka, Calvin Klein (esp Euphoria since it is new), Donna Karen (esp. Delicious since it is v popular), DG Light Blue, J'adore by Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Lancome, Carolina Herrera.

(3) eBooks Washes Out Negative Feedback

People may sell eBooks for genuine reasons.  But many more uses this as a tool to build up reputation and to "wash" away recent negative comments from the first feedback page.  It also raises their feedback percentages.  Most buyers would look at the first page of feedback, but they will get bored digging for the negative feedbacks if they are being buried in tones of eBooks / low monetary transaction feedbacks.  After a few clicks you might ended up giving up and thought, "What the heck, I'll place a bid, it's only a couple of tenners anyway."  Selling loads of eBooks in between their money generating sales of fake perfumes, help them to hide their negative feedbacks and make them hard to access.  Think also that - if the seller has so many perfumes to list, why would they bother listing eBooks that sell for a pittance?  Make sure you check their recent sales - they might not be selling any eBooks at the present, but they must have had in the past, so check their transaction history too.

(4) No Paypal?

I used to hate Paypal too for all the typical reasons.  But as a buyer it gives me a lot of protection, so that I can demand a refund when the item turns out to be a fake or counterfeit.  I know that although I'm liable to claim back both the money I paid for the item, as well as the postage fees for the out and return trips the item is going to make, but the few times it happened I never got refunded for the postage I paid to return the item.  This time round I paid using an online auction payment website that is recommended to me by the counterfeit seller (AuctionCheckout.com, the alternative was to handover my credit card details), it was the first time I'd ever used AuctionCheckout, I obliged and I was cheated.  Worse still, the seller can file an Unpaid Item Complaint against you even though you've paid, simply because the payment isn't linked to the item like it does when you pay with Paypal.   (Which is what my seller did and I'm still dealing with it now - 2 months after the auctions were closed, plus I got repeatedly hassled by emails from the seller requesting that I withdraw my negative feedbacks.)   I am thankful though that I did not hand over my credit card details to those crooks, because if I did I'd have to cancel my card to ensure my money are safe from their claws.

Don't take me wrong - I don't discriminate against honest sellers who won't take Paypal.  And as I write this guide I have done more searches and discovered that there are quite a few counterfeit sellers who would take Paypal.  I have bought from sellers that do not use Paypal.  I even posted cash.  The thing is to watch out so that you don't trade with sellers who have shown the other signs I have listed here, yet do not accept Paypal.  Also remember never hand out your credit card details to strangers.

(5) Short Trading History

Companies that stay standing for longer years meant that they  have kept their reputation intact.  They are the survivors.  A company that had only been registered in the last year?  Sell loads of eBooks?  Watch out!

(6)  Buying something that is available at a brick-and-mortar shop?  Test and compare

Of course I would recommend that you buy from your local perfume and cosmetic stores from time to time.  But there are times where we can't resist a bargain and head to eBay.  When the item arrives, you sprayed it on your hand and the liquid doesn't look quite right (either because it won't evaporates quickly - may be it's soapy water) or it doesn't smell quite right, go to your local store and test the real item there.  Every time they helped you to spot something fake, thank them by buying something from them.

(7) Just because the seller is located in North America / Europe doesn't mean that they don't sell fakes

People successfully smuggle drugs around the world, so why not fake perfumes?  Remember that!

So that's all folks.  Very simple but should be effective.  If you can think of other things to watch out for please email me.  Other than this please read the guides about counterfeit MAC items.  Those guides are pretty neat too.  They also talked about telltale sign of eBooks but I'd forgot when I started buying perfumes.  Good trading to all honest eBayers!

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