Finding and Eliminating Clothes Moths in Your Wardrobe & Cupboard

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The first hint that your wardrobe or cupboards have been invaded by clothes eating moths is when you try on something and see tiny holes in the fabric.
The larvae of the moths are the culprits – they feed on the fabrics in areas where there are stains or smells. The holes they leave are usually located in really obvious places which can’t be mended easily or hidden with a well placed brooch! All too often, moth holes in clothes mean they are beyond salvage.
If you uncover a breeding ground inside wardrobes or inside cupboards, you need to take immediate action. Why - because the moths will continue to wreak havoc on your remaining clothes. The sooner you take action the better.
  1. Begin by removing all the clothes from your wardrobe and cupboards.
  2. Vacuum the entire room, paying close attention to the insides of the wardrobe and cupboards, along shelving and skirting boards. Use the attachments available with your machine to get into all the corners and shelves, cracks and crevices etc. Vacuuming is essential to combat the moth. Larvae thrive on human and pet hair, lint and other dead insects, but the vacuum cleaner is a very effective way of removing adult moths as well as the larvae and eggs from fabrics and in out of reach places. After vacuuming, remove and discard the vacuum cleaner bag into an outside rubbish bin or the moths will simply hatch inside and fly out.
  3. Wipe over each area with soap and water and leave to completely dry. Seal areas where moths may be hiding, such as cracks in flooring, shelves, and skirting boards.
  4. Brush down all your clothes with a high quality lint roller, stiff brush or vacuum them to remove as many eggs or larvae that you can. Wash or dry-clean your clothes. Moth expert Gaden Robinson from the Natural History Museum told ‘Which?’ that washing or dry-cleaning your clothes “is as effective as using pesticides”. He also advised: “Deep-freeze clothes in sealed plastic bags for a week to kill off pests.”
Whatever you do, don't put your garments back into wardrobes or cupboards until you have effective moth deterrents in place!
You can protect clothes naturally and effectively with moth proofers and moth balls. Modern moth balls come in different shapes and sizes and provide effective protection without the old moth ball fragrance! Acana is one such powerful protector and killer.
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