Finding jeans that fit and understanding measurements

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This guide aims to help people measure correctly for jeans - and to understand the differences in measurements from style to style - e.g, standard, slouch, relaxed, and so on. The River Island brand is used as an example, but this can be applied to any brand of jeans.

All sizes of jeans have an official waist size, for example, a size 8 is 26" waist, a size 10 is 28" waist and so on. However, most jeans don't sit on the waist they sit on the hips (Named "Low Rise" or "Hipster" jeans). So the actual hip measurements is usually 2 inches bigger than the waist size.

General Size chart in inches (UK)

Label Size     6      8      10     12     14     16     18     20

Waist Size   24     26     28     30     32     34     36     38  

Hip Size      26     28     30     32     34     36     38     40

However, there is more than one type of jean style. Using Size 10 (28) as an example, If the jeans are a relaxed fit - designed to be looser and more comfortable, they'll probably be 31" at the hips. If they are boyfriend slouch fit, they may be 32"  (In the case of River Island they can come up even bigger!) because they are designed to be very loose.

When you're looking to buy jeans from eBay make sure the seller states the actual hip measurement and not just 'Size 10' as you could end up with jeans that don't fit.

How to measure for jeans:

Grab a pair of your own jeans that fit you perfectly (not too tight and not too loose). A freshly laundered pair is perfect. Put them on the floor and straighten out the back waistband. Using a tape measure, measure in inches from one end of the waistband to the other - (but only the back waistband - not the front) then just double the measurement.

Whatever your left with (30, 31, 32 etc) is the hip measurement. So if you get 30" your 'official' size is 10 - that's a 28.
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