Finding the Best Camcorder for Your Filming Needs

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Are you shooting a cinematic masterpiece or a first-person perspective of your charity bungee jump for social media? Find the right camera for the job here.

Getting That Action Shot

Your filming career might see you taking long, slow shots of sedate and sunny country landscapes and absolutely nothing else. But if the fancy takes you try something different, GoPro cameras are super-durable and ready to be thrown around in almost any conditions to make sure you get a winning shot from the middle of the action.

Equally, if you want to get a few underwater action shots, you’re going to need a very reliable waterproof camcorder to see you through. Choose from designs built to withstand anything from a bit of drizzle to whitewater rafting.

Making Social Media Videos Worth Talking About

When time is of the essence and you just can’t wait to get home to post your video, a camera with Wi-Fi will let you upload as you go. This is especially handy for social media, so everyone can see what fun you’re having on holiday in real time.

Online video platforms and social media channels are starting to fill up with 360-degree films and pictures, giving you the chance to look all around the scene by moving your cursor from side to side.If you have a virtual reality headset you can even look around just by turning your head and, with a 360 degree camera, you can shoot your own versions of this kind of video.

Adjusting the Resolution

Some people want to shoot in as high quality as possible for a crystal-clear picture that looks almost real. Others appreciate the vintage feel of grainier footage in the same way they might prefer listening to a vinyl record over a digital download. Luckily, you can easily find the right camcorder whether you want cutting-edge tech or collectible retro gear.

Blow your audience away with a 4K camera, which shoots in 4K resolution – four times the quality of full HD film. Anything filmed on a camera this good will be as bright and clear as it’s possible to get with a consumer-level camera.

At the other end of the scale, an old-school 8mm camera lends your work an authentic low-fi feel. These models are perfect for shooting retro-style weddings and making your own stylised films.