Fitting Cabelcon Self-Install™ F Connectors

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Installation Pictures
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Installation Pictures

Self-Install™ Easy push on 3.9 4.9 and 5.1

Installation 1) Strip the cable (6.5/6.5 mm) and pull back the braid.
2) Press the connector over the cable until the dielectric is flush with the post interface. Pull back the cable.
3) Mount the connector/cable on the set-top box – and tighten with a standard 11 mm/or adjustable hex wrench. Ready!

The perfect choice for Do-It-Yourself and professional installations – no special tools required!

Use the Self-Install™ for CATV, satellite receivers, cable modems and other set-top box applications. The waterproof versions can be used for any outdoor application such as parabolic dishes etc. 

The next generation of Cabelcon Self-Install™ is a unique quality product developed for replacement of low quality screw-on connectors - often used for home installations. Installation is easy, simple and more precise than ever before. Self-Install™ is easy to push on – but impossible to pull off. The connector is automatically fastening to the cable as the connector is installed. It remains fastened – also after dismounting from the unit. 

Easy on - impossible off! Installation is easy, simple and more precise than ever before. Strip the cable and push on the connector – it’s as simple as that. The Cabelcon Self-Install™ connector is automatically fastening to the cable without a compression tool. And you can’t get it off! The typical pull strength is better than cable specification. Self-Install™ - also for professionals Self-Install™ is also for the professional installer. Both electrical and mechanical connector performance is up to the professional standards. Self-Install™ is available both for indoor and outdoor applications. 
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