Ford transit mk 7 Rough idle problems

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A common fault with the mk 7 tdci  2.2 transits appears to be rough idle engine tick over or fluctuation engine hunting. Many back street garages will offer a multitude of answers ..." It's Your EGR valve mate " Injectors need replacing Guv" "needs a service" "It's your High pressure pump " etc etc This is all very well if you have a bottomless pit of money to keep forking out replacing most of your engine ... An alternative, shall we start with the most obvious cause?
Arm yourself with an 8mm and 10mm  socket , remove the air filter box , this is held down with two 8mm nuts at the back and one 10mm at the front , unclip the airflow meter pipe from the box( retained by two spring loaded clips)   slide off the air intake pipe located to the left of the box, pull airbox from engine bay . Now you can see the wood for the trees! Ok next port of call is the fuel pressure relief valve, this is located at the right hand ( if looking at the van from the front)  end of the rail. The valve is  a 17mm retention .Remove the diesel relief pipe from the valve ( normally held in place by a clip, push in red tab to release  ) Unwind the valve with 17mm ring spanner. If upon removing the valve you find that you have 'several bits' this means that the valve has exploded! and will need replacing a good valve will be one part  ......STOP!!!
The valve will cost you about £60 but if you put a new one in - that will go bang too ... Why ? Your van will need a software update and a process called pcm recalibration , pump learn and fuel pressure relief valve counter reset .This process will cost you one hour at ford Aprox £70 . Don't be fooled into thinking that a back street garage armed with a snap on code reader can do this because they can not !

This review has just saved you £170 diagnostics charge from your ford main dealer , so now getting it done shouldn't hurt your wallet so much !!

If your fuel pressure relief valve is intact  a software update will normally solve the problem... One other area to check is your clutch pedal switch located on the pedal box frame work . remove the dash panel under steering wheel to expose frame work , find the switch which is controlled by your clutch being pressed . remove plug to switch and take out switch by twisting .. see if engine ticks over better without it, don't drive van without this switch as it controls throttle damper and without it your revs will hold whilst changing gear...
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