Free or Extremely Cheap Energy Bulbs

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Free Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Its a little known fact that the energy companies and government promote free energy saving light bulbs for certain groups of low income families, pensioners and so on.  I cannot link to external sites in this guide obviously, so I recommend entering the words "Free Light Bulbs" into a Google search and the trustworthy links will be obvious.  There is no catch on these offers - its simply part of the government's targets to meet co2 emissions and the assistance they get from the energy companies.

Very Cheap Energy Bulbs

Recently the large energy companies, again in conjunction with the government, agreed to sell the "standard size" and most efficient energy bulbs at greatly reduced costs.  This is commonly the 8w (40w equivalent) and the 11w (60w equivalent) Bayonet and Screw fixings.  Prices I have observed are either 49p each or packs of 5 for just £1.49 !!!

In one of these stores I saw a single 11w bulb for £2.99 and the exact same branded bulbs in a pack of 5 for just £1.49 (33p each) !!! so do look out for the highly subsidised packs !

Simply visit one of the many large DIY chainstores (which I obviously cannot name on ebay) and larger supermarkets where these are available in abundance.  Just be aware one of my local DIY stores didn't have these bulbs in the usual place with all the other expensive bulbs but when I asked I was shown a large pile of these in another area of the shop at a very low price.

I am not sure if this is a one off deal or something we will see longer term but now is the perfect opportunity to replace as many bulbs as possible for the low energy equivalents while the bulbs are so cheap (or free) and energy costs are so high !

Updated August 2009 - The EU is now banning conventional lightbulbs so energy bulbs are the only way forward.  As a result over the coming months, most supermarkets will be offering heavily subsidised multibuys for energy bulbs - just today I spotted a deal in a well known supermarket where 9w & 11w energy bulbs were 79p each or 5 for 50p !!   get them while the subsidies continue !

I hope this guide will save you some money.  See my other guide about low energy spotlight bulbs !


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