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Sony NP FH100 is a recent addition to the “FH” series of batteries mainly used in Sony Digital Camcorders. NpFH100 is unique in its construction and can be said to be a true “Master” because of its capabilities.

The NP FH100 battery can substitute all of the FH series of batteries and all of the FP series of batteries. In the FH series batteries we have NPFH30 NP FH40 NP FH50 NP FH60 NP FH70. In the FP series batteries similarly we have NP FP30, NP FP50, NP FP60, NP FP70 and NP FP90. The difference between each of the FH or FP Series is mainly its mAh capacity and the camera compatibility range. For example NP FH100 has stated capacity of  3980 mAh. A fully charged battery  should give about 10 hours of operating life for the camera before it needs to be charged. This is again dependent on a number of factors including the Camera specifications and the nature of use.

NP FH100 is an InfoLithium battery that gives it’s unique characteristic of communicating to the Camera the balance operating hours available. Infolithium batteries have also  intelligent programming done within them on the compatibility with the Cameras. The camera’s can detect these codes and determine whether the battery is an original product. The idea was to defeat the competition for the replacement battery industry. The idea has been borrowed from the Inkjet Printer industry, where, Printers are priced not much more than the price of Inkjet Printer Cartriges. The cameras would be priced cheap and the Batteries that give repeat business would be priced very high. Lithium Ion batteries have limited life, whether they are used or not used. In fact they would lose life faster if not used. For example the original battery is quoted at £110/ each at the Sony Website including Delivery and VAT – (delivery within 1 week) and add 12.72 for Express delivery within 2 working days.  In relation you can get a decent Camera for a small multiple of this price.

Replacement batteries.

Type 1 – Cable attached Battery

The cables bypass the compete control mechanism of the Camera by feeding power through the Camera’s DC power in port.
There are three negatives with this approach.

  1. You can not have the balance battery life information when you are operating the Camera.
  2. You need an external charger for this type of battery as it can not be charged by the Camcorders power supply system.
  3. The Cable some times interferes with the operating ease of the camera or it is not of sufficient length to reach the camera’s DC input port.. There is a small chance that it can damage the Camera’s DC input port. The big advantage is that of  Price. You can get this at a fraction of the price of the Original battery price.

Type 2 – No Cables attached

This type of replacement battery build into them the same original codes used in the original battery and thus get the exact same capability of the OEM battery. They pass on balance battery operating information and they can also be charged by the Camera charger.

Positives : Price is at a fraction of the OEM battery but slightly more expensive than the Battery with Cords attached.

Negatives :

  1. They may not work  on Cameras that have been released in the last 6 months ie the very latest of Cameras because the codes have not been programmed into them.
  2. The stated capacity may not be the real capacity.

Prior to purchase of this type of battery you need to ask the seller about these two questions. You must also make sure that the seller would accept the return of the battery and give you a full refund – should the battery not work for your camera for any reason what so ever.

Buying Local vs  Buying from abroad

For this reason only it may be good to buy the battery from dealers in your own country as opposed to buying it from overseas. You may need to also consider Duty payable on importation and the cost of return postage, both of which may be a sunk cost if you buy from abroad.

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