Get cheap courier delivery rates for large, bulky items

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Have you recently won or are you thinking of bidding on a large item on eBay which only allows for local pickup? Are you are unsure of how to get it delivered and more importantly how much it will cost?

I recently won a pool table on eBay and called around several couriers like DHL and FedEx but the prices they were quoting were astronimical, so much in fact that it would have cost more than the pool table itself! 

So I had a search here on eBay and found a web site called 
Shiply which is an eBay certified solution.

Shiply is the UK's online shipping & transportation marketplace.  By listing the pool table on Shiply's web site (free) I received many really low bids from couriers and transport companies wanting to carry out the delivery! 

This was not only because they were bidding against each other (like eBay) but also because they were looking for additional work to fill spare capacity in their vehicles that would otherwise just be left empty...  So not only did I get a great price, but I also helped the environment by making good use of empty vans and lorries.

You can read more about Shiply on eBay's web site here:

I hope this helps you!  I thoroughly recommend it.
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