Government Auctions / Bankrupt Stock / Insolvency

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There are many guides and so called secrect guides to bankrupt stock, insolvency stock and Government auctions.  Most of these are bogus and merely exisit to cheat you into parting with some money.  So here is a totally free guide on where to find genuine insolvency and bankruptcy stock and stuff from Government / Customs and Excise.


  • Check out and follow their link to Asset Disposals, these boys are based up in West Yorkshire and liquidate and clear stock from anything from you corner shop up to Multi Outlet Chain Stores.  Very friendly and helpful, they have a dedicated auction department and you can even buy stuff without attending.
  • yes Commercial Estate agents, but they have a division which solely deals with plant, machinery and stock disposal, they have regular plant sales, and are continually involved with good quality stock and asset disposal.  The auctioneer Mark is sometimes quite funny, would almost make a comedian, so it is definitely worth attendind one of his auctions.
  • Manheim Europe is one of the largest auction groups in the UK, they have some fantastic sales in their Bawtry location (Doncaster for those of you who live within M25).  They do everything from MOD, NHS, Local Council and Highways, from a small van up to an Artic!!  They also run plant auctions which have everything from Council lawn mowers, scaffolding, scissor lifts, fork lift trucks etc...
  • Another route is to keep an eye on the London Gazette, which lists many liquidations and firms in insolvency, contact the appointed liquidator he/she will be happy to sell you some stock.
  • Speak to Licenced Insolvency Practitioners they are shrewd people but still keen to get rid of stock at genuine low prices.

Avoid scam auctions in Hotels by some ruthless private companies who profit from misleading people.  Also avoid that nasty Auction house in Methyr Tydfill, they will happily con you into buying a van / car at full retail money - check you CAP / PARKERS prices these guys are real con artists, we sympathise with the locals who actually go there and think they have got a bargain. 

 Generally the rule of thumb is if there are no serious looking traders there it is normally a scam or shambles of some sort.  Real auction attract good crowds and real people, they do not pamper you in a hotel conference suite (unless it is Real Estate).  Do your homework and good luck.  There are real bargains to be had but keep your eyes open for the Tricksters like the guys in South Wales.

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