Guide to Buying a Scuttlebug or Scramble Bug for a Toddler

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Here at Crocodile Web group we stock both Scuttlebugs and Scramble Bugs and one question we often get asked is which is best - the Scuttlebug or Scramble Bug? We have written this guide to hopefully help you decide which suits you best - a Scuttlebug or a Scramble Bug. 

Both the Scuttlebug and Scramble Bug are an Australian Brand - QuickSmart. Quicksmart have a focus on developing products to make life easier for busy parents. Both the Scuttlebug and Scramble Bug are folding toddler trike/ride on, making them ideal for busy parents and families on the go. So if you are off to park or on the way to visit grandparents the Scuttlebug and Scramble Bug can be quickly folded and put under the buggy or in the boot. As well as being easy to fold the Scuttlebug and Scramble Bug are both light weight and easy to carry. In terms of weight the Scuttlebug is probably slightly lighter and is the one that folds smaller - it can even fit in your suitcase if you are off on holiday!

Steering Ability
The Scuttlebug is a trike which has front wheel steering and helps toddlers develop both balance and steering skills ready for when they ride a bike. The Scramble Bug has four castor wheels, which move in all directions, so does not require as much steering. With a Scramble Bug theres is no more getting stuck in corners. 

The Scramble Bug has four wheels, whereas the Scuttlebug is a trike with 3 wheels. So depending on the ability of your child the Scramble Bug may be slightly more stable, especially if they are still mastering their balance. 

Indoor & Outdoor Use
Both the Scuttlebug and the Scramble Bug can be used indoors and outdoors. They have quiet non scratch wheels so can be used on tiled and wooden floors.

Age Range
Again both the Scuttlebug and Scramble Bug are designed for children ages 1-3 years.

In summary it is hard to say which is best - the Scuttlebug or the Scramble Bug. One is a trike and one is a four wheeled ride on. So which one you buy is down to personal preference and your childs requirements.

Check out the below video to see the Scuttlebug in action. 

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