Guide to Insect Netting

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Insect Netting, sometimes referred to as Insect Screen and Insect Mesh is a must for any plot of vegetables, crops, fruit and trees. It provides protection from not only insects, but from inclement weather and helps slow water evaporation aiding the health of soil.  QVS provide two types of insect netting 'Premier' and 'Ultimate'. Both types of netting are high quality polyethylene with tight meshes, perfect for your vegetables and crops. Insect mesh can be attached to either a frame (home made or shop bought), polytunnels, hoops, or it can be draped across plants and crops. The netting protects from all manner of insects, rabbits, caterpillars and more. This netting is great for gardeners and professionals who want to steer away from using pesticides and insecticides, growing fruit and veg organically. When attaching the netting to a frame it is advisable to staple the netting and secure to the ground with pegs. QVS provide both  Crop Cage Framing and  Metal & Plastic Pegs for effective netting applications. If you are planning to use a DIY frame then bamboo, wooden or metal posts are ideal. QVS also supply a range of  Figo's (crop connectors) to make your job a little easier in home frame construction. Netting comes in White, this has been proven to be an even more effective deterrent than any other colour. 
Our range of Premier 60gsm Insect Netting (mesh size 1.3mm x 1.3mm) & Premier 55gsm Insect Netting (1.35mm x 1.35mm) are great for both professional and home gardeners, protecting your plants against a large range of insects, rabbits, birds, caterpillars and many more. They are UV stabilised meaning greater protection from UV rays and sun related degradation, also they are rot and mildew proof. Coming in 1m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.1m, 2.6m, 3.6m and 4.1m widths our netting is easily adaptable to cut and shape for your needs. Crops can be covered all year round from planting right up to the time of harvest. It lasts up to 10 years! so you get protection season after season. Insect netting can be used in conjunction with out frost protection fleece and other netting to provide stronger and maximum protection. 
QVS Ultimate Insect Netting is a heavy duty 125gsm (mesh 0.22mm x 0.8mm) strong white netting . Constructed from 100% polyethylene the netting also has a life expectancy of up to  10 years!
With added protection against very small insects such as aphids, thripswhite flycabbage root fly and more the ultimate insect netting keeps your crops pesticide free and still protected. As with the  premier netting the  ultimate netting can be used with frames, hoops and polytunnels and can be draped over  plants and crops. Coming in 1m and 2m widths the ultimate netting can me flexible to your needs. 
Our  QVS Economy Multi-Purpose Netting is a short-term substitute to insect netting. Coming in a variety of colours the economy netting is of a polyethylene, uv stabilised, 70gsm construction. With other uses such as  Bird Netting Windbreak Netting Shade Netting  and Frost Protection .
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