Guide to Stanley Yankee screwdriver 131B 130B 135B Bits

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Recent News
I phoned Stanley Tools in 2009 and they said that they ceased production of Yankee screwdrivers and bits in 2007, they also no longer service screwdrivers, they also said that it is very unlikely that production will ever start again, as tooling for components of screwdrivers were sent to Japan when in production and have now been scrapped,

Brand new 1/4" hex bit adapter now available for the Yankee
What this adapter does is convert your Yankee screwdriver from the old step & notch design to the newer 1/4" hex bit design, these are the bits that are widely used with cordless and corded electric screwdrivers, they are easier to find and far cheaper than Yankee bits, I have the adapters in 8mm version for the 131A & 131B Yankee, in the 7mm version for the 130A & 130B Yankee, and in the 5.5mm version for the 135A, 135B, the 5.5mm version also fits the Yankee handyman 133 & 233, click the picture to the right of this guide and it will take you to one of the listings, I also supply 1/4" 25mm long hex bits with the adapter, at 60p each and no additional postage cost so long as you buy them with the adapter, click the "yankee screwdriver hex adapter" category in my shop and it will show all the options of adapter available and bit combinations.

It looks like Ebay is one of only a few places left to get Yankee screwdrivers and the bits that fit them, as there is now no new stock coming to the market place, only what was made in the last production run,

Please note all my Yankee bits I sell,
Have now been moved into my Ebay shop,

Click the items for sale or visit shop at the bottom of the page,

Yankee Screwdriver,
I have decided to write this guide as I sell Yankee Screwdriver bits, and people regularly ask me if these bits fit their screwdriver, So hopefully this guide will help you to work out which screwdriver you have,
(as a lot of old Yankee's were not marked with the model number making it harder to find out which bits it takes),

History of the Yankee Screwdriver,
The first spiral ratchet screwdrivers were produced in 1898 by North Brothers in the U.S.A. The name Yankee was soon adopted as a description of all spiral ratchet screwdrivers, although none managed to attain the same level of performance and quality of the original Yankee by Stanley, Yankee was truly the first cordless power tool and remains a very worthy competitor for workshop, building site, or production line.

Which do I have "A" or "B",
Yankee "A",

Generally "A" is the earlier version with the wooden handle, generally they also don't have the white triangular design printed on the handle, Stanley produced early"A"s at several different factories so there may be slight differences in size and fitment of bits, most early "A"s also were marked as to what model of Yankee they are, they are stamped where the slide switch for backwards and forwards is, the early A's were imperial internal measurements and the chucks are very slightly smaller internally.

***Possible differences in shaft diameters between 131A & 131B,***
Many thanks to the Ebay user, hpa170,
This person found he had an early 131A model yankee,
And he found that the, 
131A takes 5/16" (0.3125") bits,
And the newer 8mm bits are (0.3150"),
So he had to machine the bigger bits down by 0.0025" to make them fit,
I have only come across this problem 3 times in 8 years of trading,
The more your Yankee has been used the more worn the chuck will be,
This means the bits may fit straight in or need a small amount of work,
I have found that using fine wet & dry with oil will reduce the size,
Do a small amount of reducing and keep checking if it fits or not,
Start the reducing at the very end where the bit goes deepest into the screwdriver,

Yankee "B",
Generally "B" is the newer version with a plastic handle, although toward the end of the production they fitted wooden handles, the handle should be marked with the Yankee triangle as mentioned above, These generally are not marked with the type of Yankee they are 131b, 130b etc, they would stamped where the slide switch for backwards and forwards is, Later B's were made in the United Kingdom, West Germany, and the last batches were made in Japan, the B's were metric internal measurements and the chucks are very slightly bigger internally,
You may also find that the helix has been machined with flats,
Whereas A's have a more smooth machined finish to it's helix.

Which model Yankee do I have,
By size,
This is only a rough guide as sizes may vary slightly,
Sizes are quoted with the bit in the screwdriver and the screwdriver in it's fully extended position, end to end,

Made before 2002
= 712mm long
Made after 2002 = 672mm long

508mm long

343mm long

There is also a smaller version of the Yankee called "Handyman",

263mm long

263mm long

If you are still not sure which size of screwdriver you have,
The easiest way is the diameter of the bit it takes,
As Stanley designed each Yankee screwdriver with a different diameter bit,

Below is each screwdriver model and the diameter bit it takes,
Try using a drill bit shaft with 7mm or 8mm stamped on it,
If it fits snugly then this is the model Yankee you have,

131A or B takes 8mm diameter bits,

130A or B takes 7mm diameter bits,

135A or B takes 5.5mm diameter bits,

Handyman 133 & 233,
Both take the same bits as 135,
5.5mm diameter bits,

Which screws do I have PH or PZ,
The most popular bits now are PZ bits,
The only PH screws now are plasterboard & decking screws,
To tell the difference between PH screws and PZ screws,
Is look at the head of the screw,
Look at the cross where the bit fits in,
Now look 45 degrees to the cross,
If there is 4 little scratches in the surface of the screw head,
Then it is a PZ screw,

Which size PH or PZ bit do I need,
PH1 or PZ1 works with screws upto 5 heads,
PH2 or PZ2 works with screws with 7 to 10 heads,
PH3 or PZ3 works with screws with 11 to 16 heads,  

Stanley bit codes,
Yankee 131 bits,

PZ1, I have stock of this bit, (No stock),
3-68-907 = PZ2, or 5812, I have stock of this bit, (Genuine Stanley),
3-68-915 = PZ3, or 5813, I have stock of this bit, (Genuine Stanley),
3-68-906 = PH2, or 1312, I have stock of this bit, (Japanese copy),
3-68-912 = PH3, or 1313, I have stock of this bit, (Spiralux copy),
3-68-314 = 6.5mm end bladed, or 3111,
3-68-315 = 7.5mm end bladed, or 3112,
3-68-316 = 8mm end bladed,
3-68-510 = 3 pack of above sizes, or 3110,

Yankee 130 bits,

3-68-911 = PZ1, or 5031, I have stock of this bit, (German copy),
3-68-910 = PZ2, or 5032, I have stock of this bit, (German copy),
3-68-914 = PZ3, or 5033, I have stock of this bit, (German copy),
3-68-958 = PH1, or 1301, I have stock of this bit, (Japanese copy),
3-68-959 = PH2, or 1302, I have stock of this bit, (Japanese copy),
3-68-913 = PH3, or 1303, I have stock of this bit, (Japanese copy),
3-68-304 = 5.5mm end bladed, or 3011,
3-68-305 = 6.5mm end bladed, or 3012,
3-68-306 = 7.5mm end bladed, or 3013,
3-68-500 = 3 pack of above sizes, or 3010,

Yankee 135 bits,
Also handyman 133 & 233,
3-68-905 = PZ1 or 5351, I have stock of this bit, (No stock),
3-68-904 = PZ2 or 5352, I have stock of this bit, (Genuine Stanley),
PZ3, I have stock of this bit, (USA copy),
3-68-902 = PH1, or 1351, I have stock of this bit, (No stock),
3-68-903 = PH2, or 1352, I have stock of this bit, (No stock),
PH3, I have stock of this bit, (No stock),
3-68-353 = 4mm end bladed, or 331,
3-68-354 = 4mm end bladed, or 3511,
3-68-355 = 5mm end bladed, or 3512,
3-68-356 = 5.5mm end bladed, or 3513,
3-68-350 = 3 pack of above sizes, or 3510,

Yankee accessories,
Countersink bits,
3-68-318 = fits Yankee 131's
3-68-308 = fits Yankee 130's
3-68-358 = fits Yankee 135's

These are for use with drill points,
3-68-319 = fits Yankee 131's or 3180,
3-68-309 = fits Yankee 130's or 3080,
3-68-359 = fits Yankee 135's or 3580,

***Please note***
(Last updated 19/12/2015)
I try to update this guide as often as I can,
But to double check I have the bit you want please message me,
Or you want to check you are ordering the correct bit,
Please ring me on,
0754 0350505

I hope this guide helps you to find the Yankee screwdriver you have,
Or the bit code you need,

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Thanks for looking.

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