Guide to Types of Camping Gas Canisters

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There are a few different types of camping gas canister fittings in the market place which can lead to confusion over which canister or indeed which stove you should buy. There are also a few adaptors which can convert your stove so it can use a differnt type of canister. Here will will try to clear up some of the confusion. Make sure you know the type of gas fitting your stove has before you purchase as it will save you a lot of hassle in the long run as you will know which gas canisters to buy. 

Piercable Canisiters

These are the ones I remember from my youth! The appliance they are fitted to make a hole in the canister and seals it. They can not be removed from the device until they are empty. They are not resealable. So, if you have a gas stove and a lantern say, which uses this type of canister you'll need two canisters. They are still widely available around the world but it's not a type that I would use or recommend. If the canister becomes dislodged from the device you'll have gas erupting everywhere. Not great.

ISO Screw Thread (EN417)

This is a resealable type fitting that screws into the device. You can take it on and off the device as many times as you want. They are extremely popular now (especially in the EU) so there are lots of stoves to pick from and the canisters as a result should be widely available. Many portable stoves from Markill and Gelert for example have this type of fitting. The avdvantage is that this is a Eurpoean Standard fitting and loads of the major brands now use it.

Best of all Markill produce an adaptor to convert an ISO stove for use with the push and click valve canisters below. You can buy these from our Ebay Shop

Camping Gaz CV Type fitting - "Clic" System - Push and Twist

This is an unthreaded fitting which you push into the device and turn to lock. They are resealable and popular fitting with Camping Gaz products (and I think Coleman). They are resealable. Easy to recognise as every (Camping Gaz) canister number of this type is prefixed "CV".

Camping Gaz CP Type fitting

Another resealable type cartridge. Best avoided if your not sure you'll be able to get this canister where you are going. It's pretty much propriatory to certain camping Gaz products. These generally look like an aerasol can with the spray bit pulled off. The are placed into the device and (usually) some sort of lever mechanism pushes and locks the canister in place. They seem to be a popular choice for larger family type camping stoves. The big disadvantage is that it's not hugely popular with other stove manufactuters, a bit specialised. You'll recognise the Camping Gaz canisters as the canister number is pre-fixed "CP".

Buying a Gas Cartridge

You'll need to know the fitting type of your stove so you can buy the correct cartridges. Don't buy a stove that can not use one of the types above as they are bound to be propriatory and you'll be really luck to get them then out and about. Whenever possible, always try to use the canisters that are manufactred by the stove manufacturer (they always recommend this).


Buy an ISO screw fitting stove and an ISO to CV adaptor. You'll be really unlucky not to be able to get gas for your stove then and your stove will be compatible with the two major gas canister types. ISO stoves and adaptors are available from our ebay shop.

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