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Chest hair, body hairs, pubic / genital  hair removal, nasal hairs, hairy back, underarm hair removal, back crack and sack,  shaving gels, oils & creams, male waxing products, skin problems, shaving rash, ingrowing hairs,  permanent hair removaland more questions! Male grooming is a vast topic and the cause of much anguish to a lot of men.
But home hair removal and male grooming can be easy & and effective when you choose the correct technique and products. It's not just a question of cost; personal home treatments are often more hygienic than salons where products / appliances are used repeatedly.  While this is a general guide, bear in mind, that every person is unique and therefore you may need to bend the rules a little, maybe use a little bit more of a product or maybe try a depilatory instead of waxing. You will also find some products / hair removal methods work better on you than others. If you have tried waxing and didn’t like it, don’t give up  there are many different types / qualities of waxing products.
1. Factors Which Affect Hair Removal. These are the ones you have little or no control over. Assess their relevance to you

Skin Sensitivity
You are best trying natural products or ones that do not contain harsh ingredients. Shaving and trimming are the methods preferred by most sensitive-skinned males, but don’t rule out waxing. Most waxing products contain natural ingredients like sugar, honey and lemon - some are all natural like the Moom for Men Organic Wax. Depilatory creams ought to be treated with caution if you are a first time user as they contain chemical ingredients and may irritate the skin. Light skinned users should avoid depilatories as they can result in temporary redness to the skin. It is important to test patch every new product as you may even react even to a natural ingredient like lemon or vinegar!  If you are super sensitive then use a trimmer like the Intimate Area Shaving Kit, or the Body4real Pocket Shaver - trimmers are the least painful and the least irritating to the skin as they gently remove only surface hairs - no pulling or nicking.

Density of Hair Growth
You will probably need to use more products than others. Try waxing or trimming to remove body hair effectively and use a hair inhibitor like  Kalo Hair Growth Inhibitor to reduce the hair density. With shaving hair grows back the quickest but you can combine shaving with the Kalo hair inhibitor lotion or spray - you will find that hair growth inhibitors / minimisers work to gradually reduce hair growth, making regrowth softer, finer and thinner.
Coarseness of Hair
Try waxing or trimming to remove the hair effectively and use a hair inhibitor like Kalo hair growth inhibitor to reduce the coarseness hair.

Hardness of water (relevant when shaving)
Hard water may make your skin dry and absorption of products more difficult. To counteract this, we recommend you use a highly concentrated shaving oil like Total Shaving Solution (shaving oil) to hydrate and moisturise the skin while shaving.




There is absolutely no one answer to this question. Everyone is different,so consider your skin type, preferences, do you want a totally pain free method? Do you have a lot of time to spend grooming?

Waxing is generally considered the most effective body hair removal method, followed by depilatories,trimming and shaving. Trimming is the newest form of hair male body hair removal and is fast becoming one of the most popular. We love trimmers - they are the most versatile hair removers on the market- pain free, most can be used anywhere on the face, body and even on pubic areas, some are showerproof so you really can just wash, trim and go! For more information on each of these methods see below. 

Which Product Where? Which Hair Removal Method is best for me??

Mens Waxing

These include hot waxes, microwave waxes, cold (no heat) waxes and waxing strips. Yes, waxing does hurt because it involves pulling the hair out from the root. In time, it will become less painful, especially as hair generally grows back softer and finer when waxed. Experienced waxers swear by it and for them there is hardly any pain at all. If you have previously shaved the area, expect the waxing to be painful initially.

Why wax? You remove the hair from the root, which means it will take longer to grow back (about 4-6 weeks), when it does grow back the hair won’t be coarse (like when shaving). In fact, the more you wax, the less (and finer) the re-growth. 

General Areas of Use: Great for legs, arms, chest, back, underarms, and crotch line. Not recommended for very sensitive areas like male genitals, nostrils, nipples; the tissue in these areas is very soft and the pain is likely to be excruciating, which means you won’t remove much hair. There are many different types of waxing with varying prices, quality and personal preferences.

Hot Waxes tend to work most effectively  as they adhere to the hair and pull all hair out cleanly. The downside is the preparation required (heating the wax on the stove or microwave), making sure you don’t burn yourself and keeping the wax warm enough.  If you are waxing a large area like the legs, you may need several trips to the kitchen to reheat the wax. Hot waxes can also be a little messy if you are a complete novice! None of this should put you off waxing there are solutions to the mess and fuss for example using a ready-to-use cold wax, waxing strips or a roll on wax. The Moom for Men Organic Waxing kit is easy to use and best of all contains only organic natural ingredients.
Cold Waxing Kits require no heating so that’s great. They come ready to use. Downside is that they may not be as easy to spread as hot waxes, and therefore may not remove the hair as cleanly as hot waxes do first time round.
Ready to Use Waxing Strips - Pre waxed strips añready have the wax on the strips,m so all you need to do is peel of the backing, apply the sticky side onto the hair and pull off in the opposite side to the hair growth. Waxing strips like Veet for Men are highly recommended for quick hair removal. They are ready to use, so you use the strips and throw them away. They tend to be a little bit more expensive than the hot and cold waxes but this is because they are disposable.
Roll on Waxes -We love roll on waxes, as they make waxing even easier, with more professional results. Half the problem with wax jars is incorrect application of the wax - applying too much or too little wax. Roll on waxes take care of any potential errors - they dispense exactly the correct amount evenly over the skin. Roll on waxes come in all forms hot, cold, microwave.
Wax Heaters -This is the most professional you can get in terms of waxing  hence the reason most salons use wax heaters.  For personal  home waxing, a small wax heater like the One Touch / Surgi Roll On Waxer, is  sufficient. Wax heaters maintain the optimum temperature for the wax thus eliminating another potential problem in terms of application.  Hair-free Duration:  approximately 3-6 weeks 

Cream Hair Removers

Depilatories basically dissolve the hair just under the skin. They come in spray or cream, regular or sensitive formulations which you apply to skin and leave to work for a few minutes (depending on instructions). Always test the product on a small area of skin to ensure your skin is not sensitive to the ingredients. Sometimes the product will not remove all the hair first time round, in which case you will need to reapply.  Andre Cream Hair Remover and Vigor Mens Hair Removal Cream are 2 excellent depilatory cream hair removers made just for men.

Areas of usage: Non delicate areas as the ingredients may irritate / inflame the skin. Chest, back, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line are generally ok. Some men use depilatories on the buttocks. Don't use depilatories on the genital area, face or internally (eg nasal hair ). Depilatories are a good alternative for those who do not want to wax or shave. The downside is that the hair will grow back faster than if you had waxed. You may also need several applications of the depilatory to remove the hair completely. Hair-free Duration:  approximately 2 weeks 


Shaving is suitable for the entire face and body. But, exercise caution when shaving sensitive areas like the genital area, as any cuts there will be most uncomfortable! The disadvantage with shaving is that is lasts a short time- anywhere from a few hours to several days. Dark-haired users may have visible "shadow" of dark hair under skin and shaving can cause skin irritation and cuts. For some, it causes ingrown hairs especially  on Afro / Caribbean men (ingrown hairs can very quickly and effectively be treated with treatments like  Priva Shave ).  Hair-Free Duration:  approximately 1 - 4 days 

This is one of the hair removal methods which you can use anywhere on the face or body. Everyone should have a trimmer they are the most useful for anything from top to bottom. The great thing about trimmers is that, as long as they are used correctly, they will not nick, cut, burn or hurt you! A word of caution - trimmer blades can be sharp so excercise caution on first use. Remington and Philips body hair trimmers are the leaders in this field - with most being rechargeable and with different settings. However there are also some great smaller toothbrush sized trimmers which are great for using on small or awkward areas like toes, knuckles, stomach - or even to style a goattee. The Shavy Trimmer is a Japanese design which is toothbrush size and really is one of those must have grooming gadgets. Hair-Free Duration:  approximately 1 - 4 days 


This method is good for stray hairs (generally on the face) like the eyebrows. Not recommended for large areas, as plucking can leave you prone to infections. Use a good tweezer like  Tweezerman (a leading tweezer brand with free lifetime sharpening) and ensure it is always clean and sterile. Hair-free Duration:  approximately 2 weeks 

Generally used by women to lighten the facial or body hair. Bleaching kits come with a cream and powder units which need to be mixed together prior to application.  Bleaches are designed to lighten the facial hair, not the skin, although by lightening the hair, the skin may appear lighter. The bleach lightens the hair to various shades depending on how long it is left on the area. To avoid an unnatural orange colour, follow the time instructions precisely. As bleaches are another one of those products designed for women, if you want to try it, do so at your own peril! You may find you will need to use a lot more than a woman to achieve the results you want.
Home laser machines have come a long way and really are a cost effective solution to expensive salon laser hair removal treatments. Laser basically works by sending a laser beam to the hair root/ follicle. With each use, the hair root is weakened so that in time less hair grows back. Laser can be permanent but not always in which case top up sessions are required. The main benefit of using laser is to reduce the hair regrowth time. We recommend the Remington IPL laser hair remover for body areas - home laser machines are generally not suitable for removing hair on mens facial areas. Laser machines are also not generally recommended for very dark skin types (where the hair and skin colour are similar or the same, the laser cannot distinguish between the 2, resulting in the skin (not hair) being lasered. For very dark skin types who cannot use laser, consider the NONO hair remover which is also a long term hair remover, but does not use laser - it uses thermicon heat technology to reduce hair growth.


The Head
Waxing and depilatories are strictly prohibited here. Stick to shaving with a very good razor designed for the head and all natural shaving creams / oils. The HeadBlade razor is a truly unique curved razor blade range which has been designed specifically for shaving the head.  This range carries everything for the man who shaves his head – from matt, glossy and moisturising shaving creams to a SPF scalp protector and accessories. For true head shaving addicts, there is also a limited edition Stainless Steel razor on wheels! The Headblade razor is small but perfectly formed to fit into your hand and shave your head.

If you must wax then be gentle, and ensure not to get any of the wax inside the ear.  Facial waxing strips or a gentle facial wax are also fine to use but you may find they are tricky to use on such a small area. All in all, our preference is not to was ear lobes. Depilatories (cream hair removers like Veet) are also not recommended as they are messy and ineffective on such a small area, not to mention have chemical ingredients that burn the hair - avoid using such creams on sensitive areas, Shaving is ok, but expect to have to repeat the shave as often as everyday. With the latter method, the hair is likely to grow back thick. Plucking is a no no, as improper plucking can lead to scarring. If you must pluck, then use a specialised tweezer like the One Touch Painless Tweeze which uses a mild radio frequency to gradually weaken the hair root, making it perfect for use on small areas. Our recommendation is to use the Shavy Trimmers as they really work well on small awkward areas. If you want to reduce the hair growth on that area (let's face it, hair on the outer ear is just not attractive, then use the Kalo hair inhibitor cream after each hair removal session. You will find that Kalo works to gradually reduce hair growth, with the hairs growing back softer, finer and thinner.

The Face & Neck
We receive countless requests from men who want to remove facial hair by waxing or a depilatory cream, simply because women do. Its not advisable, as waxing the face will be extremely painful and largely ineffective at removing men´s coarse hair. Your face is sensitive from years of shaving, so stick to natural products if possible. For a great wet shave try Total Shaving Solution which is 100% natural. Alternatively, another completely natural DRY shaving cream, called Bob Norburn 3 in 1 Shave and Moisturiser Cream. The Bikini Razor is also another useful shaving aid which can also be used on the neck, as despite the name it has a curved razor blade - useful for curved areas. if you want to remove cheek hairs, then the Shavy Trimmer as detailed above is best, followed by Kalo Hair Inhibitor. Another useful product is


Plucking is the best method as you can pick the hairs out individually. Waxing is also suitable for removing hair in this area (and is the preferred salon method). Shaving will most likely result in increased hair growth which is probably not what you want on your face. Invest in the best tweezers which are at least 3 inches long, have slanted tips for better control, have contouring or ridges for your fingers to grip, and are made of stainless steel. The Tweezerman tweezer range is a fantastic range and widely recognised  by beauty professionals as one of the best on the market. If you want to pluck, but don´t want the pain, then the One Touch Painless Tweeze electric tweezers will do just the job. Another handy eyebrow hair shaper is the Stiles razor which has a tiny 1/8 inch blade to keep eyebrow hairs tidy.

Mens Back Hair Removers
You may need an assistant for these areas most obviously with the back and buttock areas, so recruit a capable and preferably experienced person. The one product which does not require any assistance for back hair removal is the rather unique Razorba back hair razor. Razorba was created by a man who wanted a solution to removing his back himself.  The result is a 16 inch razor handle into which you insert your preferred razor. Use the Razorba to apply a shaving cream / lotion to your skin and then start shaving.  

Depilatories: are good for the chest and back because these areas aren't usually sensitive (if applying to the buttocks, try an extra gentle formula and avoid the anal passage). You must test the product out on a small patch of skin first.
Waxing: A lot of men have these areas waxed professionally or by their partner. Some people find it painful and others don’t. Women wax all the time, so be a man and put up with the pain! Follow the directions that come with each product carefully and any discomfort will be minimised. We recommend using the Moom for Men Wax which is organic and made in Canada.
Trimming is always a good option if none of the other methods appeal. There are some truly excellent trimmers on the male grooming market today, especially from the Philips and Remington ranges. Quick, easy and pain free isn´t that what most men want in hair removal?

Waxing and depilatories are definitely not recommended as waxing will be excruciatingly painful, while depilatories will be too harsh for this area. Plucking (as has been suggested to us by some customers) is also not a good option as plucking leaves you open to infections.

Our experience has shown the best hair removal method for this area is a 2 step process: Step 1: Trim long hairs to stubble length and Step 2: Smooth away the stubble with the Seiko Cleancut shaver to leave the area super smooth. The Seiko Cleancut / Intimate Area Shaving Kit  ( dry use only) is a perfectly round foil shave which is perfect for shaving every part of the crotch area, including the scrotum (sack), testicles and pubic area.  It is not strictly necessary to use the Cleancut shaver but if you want a really soft smooth finish, then it really is the best shaver to use. In terms of trimmers, there is a good selection, depending on what features you would like eg a trimmer for use in the shower, rechargeable, battery operated. The smallest trimmer available is the Shavy Femini (dry use only)  and that is generally the best size for pubic / intimate area hair removal.

Nasal Hair

Only use a special nose/ nasal hair remover. These are available as battery or non battery versions. Our personal favourite is the Groom Mate Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer - the smallest most eco friendly nasal hair trimmer on the market. It is made from rust proof stainless steel so is meant to last a lifetime. Additionally it works without batteries. Simply twist and turn to use - this product does require a steady hand.

Treatment Products

Hair Inhibitors
Hair inhibitors do not remove hair but work after hair removal to reduce hair growth.  You must remove the hair first then apply the hair inhibitor. They work over a period time (this means months not days or weeks) to reduce hair growth and in some (not all) cases they stop the hair from growing back. Do not be fooled into thinking hair inhibitors work overnight- you need to work with them and be patient.

Do they work?
With all products there is always a percentage of people for whom the product will not work. This applies to all beauty products creams, shampoos, deodorants and of course hair inhibitors as well. Common misconceptions about hair inhibitors are that they work overnight, that they remove hair permanently, that they do not work at all! There are many satisfied hair inhibitor customers, but they will not work 100% for everyone. In some cases (eg on a man’s  beard), they will reduce the frequency of shaving, but not stop the hair from growing completely. Do your research and you will also find many reviews on well known brands e.g. Immac, Nivea saying their products do not work. And another thing, if hair inhibitors did not work per se, national chains such as Boots or Superdrug would not stock them!

Hair inhibitors work at the root- therefore they work most effectively when hair is removed from the root e.g. by waxing, laser or electrolysis. If you choose to shave, expect the hair inhibitor to work less effectively i.e. results will be slower. If using it on the beard area, you are not likely to stop the hair from growing - more likely you will see a reduction in hair growth meaning you will have to shave less often. You can also remove body hair with a depilatory cream, although you must allow a few hours in between applying the depilatory and the hair inhibitor. This is to prevent the chemical ingredients of the depilatory interfering with the hair inhibitor. A slowing down of hair growth is usually noticed after about one month. Significant changes are often seen after four to six months. Some hair inhibitors require an ongoing periodic application once the hair has stopped. Others such as Kalo stop the hair permanently and do not need further application.

Ingrown Hair / Rash Treatments
They work after hair removal to treat problems like razor bumps, ingrown hairs basically inflammations / irritations caused from hair removal. Both men and women can use them on areas like the face, body and bikini line.
These treatments contain astringents which basically work to relive the inflammations. Expect to experience a ‘sting’ if you use it on exposed skin. This is in our opinion the most effective treatment on the market and really seems work. Used daily it will help to prevent the in growing hairs from forming lumps and bumps and keep your skin clear and smooth. Customer feedback has been very good and these treatments are saviours for a lot of men and women who suffer from hair removal irritations. Priva / Power Shave post shave treatment has excellent reviews - it is effective at treating and preventing all forms of shaving irritations like razor rash, razor bumps, red rash and ingrowing hairs. Priva / Power Shave is not drying to the skin which is an added bonus.
On the GO!
Then you need the Body4real Ultimate Pocket Shaver. This high quality Japanese made shaver is good to use anywhere from knuckles to legs. It will struggle with very dense areas but it is great for on the go hair removal - this is quite simply a must have for any man.
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